Friday, April 24, 2015

30 days till Disney!... and lots more...

I'm going to see how much I can cram into one post. None of the things relate, so bear with me.

The first thing on my mind.... 

It's countdown time!

That's right, 30 days till Disney! (In other words 8363993739 times that I will be asked "Momma, are we going to Disney World now?) 

I know. When will I learn you don't tell a 3 year old you're going somewhere FANTASTIC? It's just that I want Burke to share in our excitement and anticipation so badly! I also thought that I need to "prepare him" in a sense. The only characters he is familiar with are the ones in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Frozen. He has no concept of what Disney World will be like and no idea how special of a treat this is.... SO I find it my duty to prepare him. :) At least a little bit.

(Scrapbook letters from Hobby Lobby, and I printed out the free printable countdown from HERE)

We did a chain countdown to preschool... and I had to remind him everyday to take one off. Granted it was his first one, but he didn't seem to be really excited about that. I've seen some ADORABLE Disney chain countdowns, but I decided to go with something more hands on for Burke. (Yes, this may insure I hear the "Are we going now?" questions 837738 more times.)

I put up this little countdown in his playroom (high enough where he can't reach it with a stool) :) When I lift him up to take one down everyday, we will read the back, and follow the Disney directions. For example, we are writing our favorite Disney character to hopping around the house like Tigger. Hopefully this will be a lot of fun, introduce him to lots more Disney characters, and teach him how to wait with a happy heart. (Lessons we're working on from in This House We Will Giggle, DeFeo, C.) 

Let the celebration begin!
Breakfast at our house this morning...
Powdered doughnuts with mini oreo halves for the ears, yogurt parfait with Mickey blueberry ears, with some fun (and cheesy) table decor.

This was Burke when I told him I had a surprise for him this morning. :) He wanted to close his eyes until he walked in to see it. 

The child LOVES surprises... I can't blame him. I do too!

And to kick off the countdown he wore some of his Disney attire (and undies :) to school today. :)

Then there's this girl...

I can't.

Get enough.

I'm starting to get a feel for this dressing a girl thing. I'm finding that I love a BIG GARGANTUAN headpiece. And while I have had an obsession with smocking (with boys, it's as precious as it can get... in my humble opinion!) and grosgrain bows to begin with... I see a change ah com in. :)

However, we do sometimes have Big Bow Problems...

(Thanks to Ree for both of these cute headbands!)

Next subject.

This girl is rolling over!

Her first official roll was last Monday (4/13), and she's been going strong ever since! 

On Saturday, we were double booked... Auburn's Aday game and recital. The boys went to the game, and the ladies stayed in town for recital. I'm kind of glad we missed it, because apparently Burke wasn't his best. Ryan said he was wrapped around his neck half the time because he was either afraid there was going to be fireworks (yeah, that should go over well in Disney World) or said it was too loud. What can I say, the boy has my sensitive ears. Half the time I feel like Ryan is watching the TV on a decibel that our neighbors can hear, so I can relate. :)

This was my first recital with Mandy at SDTC in Sylacauga, and it went so smooth! Mandy and her crew (why yes, that's me too... but I am not that helpful when I have two kiddos to attend to. Thankful she is so understanding!) The groups and my students did great, and I couldn't have been more proud of their hard work this year! Hylan even got a moment on stage. :) 

And no, I don't where jazz shoes for the fun of it... the instructors had a dance number! :)

 I love teaching baton and I am so thankful for God's hand in placing me at this studio. It's amazing to look back to one year ago and see how God has worked to answer my prayers... from having a healthy baby to helping me get back to my love of teaching baton. I'm in awe. Don't get me wrong... I've had doors closed, and prayers yet to be answered, but the fact is I see Him working and I know He is doing things in His timing. I don't deserve that love, but I'm so thankful for it.

And in house news...
(I told you none of this stuff was related... but that's life.)

You know what this means????!!!!

The exterior is coming, the exterior is coming... and the basement project!

More to come!

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