Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend recap + Monday

This weekend we watched our Tigers lose yet again, in a close game. It's rough guys... but someone has to be on the bottom. However, we still yell and cheer just as hard (and maybe get a little more excited about choosing our outfits than watching the game at this point... sometimes distractions are necessary in years like this, right?)

Food is an even better distraction, right Huddy?

The kids love playing in this bedroom upstairs. :) HM didn't want to be left out this time!

On to Sunday!

I TRIED to get a cute Sunday picture... these never work out for me...

After a baton lesson we headed to the farm for a bit with the fam.

Daddy always takes off the bow...

Mommy always puts it back on!
(More on this bow later...!)

Nana and Hylan Marie.

All the cousins on Hachet Creek. :)

Later that evening we had our annual, Pizza and Pumpkin Carve!
(Not sure what you're doing B) :)

Of course Burke wanted Fireman Sam, and Ryan obliged.

And doesn't disappoint!

(See last year's here!)

He's going to be in for it once he is getting two requests for carving! Ha!

Next year, we decided we are going to host a Pizza and Pumpkin carving party with our neighborhood friends, to take this tradition to the next level. hahaha

But really... won't that be so much fun?!

Then ... there is today, Monday....

It's one of those days that you just have to document...

It was dreary, and I was determined to start the week of strong. So I mentioned going to McWane to Burke and he was all about it. Done.

We head out around 8:45. I have a steller diaper bag packed-complete with snacks, diapers, wipes, toys, ... the works. My girl and I had matching shoes on...

I even had a healthy snack packed for me in the form of almonds. 

We were on a high note. :)

Both the kids are having a ball... HM even got to attend "tot time", just a little floor time with other babies her age. It was precious. She kept giving the baby next to her kisses on the head, and the other baby kept leaning in to receive them over and over. Adorable.

Once we finished here, we head over to the water center, where I see Burke. As soon as I walk up to him he looks up and tells me he pee-peed his pants.


I blame the water. I know it was that, plus the fact that I wasn't right there with him and he didn't know where the bathrooms were. :( Poor guy!

Anyway, this is the first accident he's had in public since he's been potty trained, (almost a year now). And of course I have taken out any change of clothes from Libby because well... he hadn't had an accident in a year. (Lesson learned. Don't!)

So we head to the car, with a very sad three year old, because he wasn't finished playing. Of course we end up at Target to get new underwear and some cheap sweat pants (at least he needed them anyway since last years are all too short, however... the child has more underwear than me and his father combined) and we end up eating a stellar lunch of popcorn and a roller wienie mid shopping trip. (At least I had an apple in my diaper bag to make me feel a little better about the situation.)

(Of course Burke choose to sit by the cart of painting supplies.)

(You call this lunch?)

Moral of the story- always carry a change of clothes for everyone in your car... just in case you #makeapuddleinmcwane.

 Days like this lead me to think Monday and I are not best buds. If I were to start documenting the "bad" or challenging things that occur on Mondays, I'm sure they would out number the rest of the week's low points combined. I'm just sure of it. 


The car ride home was quiet. I regrouped. Ate a few almonds, and decided to turn this Monday right side up.

Burke kept sleeping and is easily transferred from car to bed.
Hylan, however, was ready to play!

She has just gotten to where she is into everything... and when she gets bored of exploring on the ground, she wants you to pick her up to take a look at your level. :)

She'll make eye contact with whatever it is she wants to check out, stretch her arm out to it, and want you to walk over so she can touch it and get a closer look. She loves looking at pictures. :) 

Once Burke woke up, we Halloweened the rest of the day (think Halloween music and Thriller dancing, fun classroom snacks for tomorrow, festive dinner, and cards for family) and we can't wait for all the fun parties and dress-up opportunities coming this week! 
(our grape-ensteins) 

(That's our mummy meatball pizzas (slightly burnt... and no... he didn't touch his salad. :)

This boy is so fun, smart, and such a music lover. 
(Granted... he has his whining, begging, or crying episodes like the rest of the 3 year old nation...)

If he's alone, you can always catch him singing bible songs. It's the sweetest sound. I am so thankful for the wonderful environment he is in when he's not with us (be it school, with our families, children's church...) Just this morning he was singing Go Tell it on the Mountain and right after he said "That Jesus Christ was Born," he stopped and looked at me and said, "Who's Jesus Christ, momma?" 

At THREE he is wondering who his Savior is and what he's done to deserve a song sung about Him. :)

I love it and pray God puts just the right words on my heart to share with him.

Have a great week!

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