Sunday, November 1, 2015

End of October- part 1- HM's first Halloween

There is NO way I can fit the end of October into one post, (or have the time now... because I've been drooling over the new MJ holiday line for the last 30 minutes... #helpme)

One day, a week or so ago, Burke went to Nanna's for the day. It was the perfect opportunity to take some sweet pictures of Hylan. I used to play photographer all the time with Burke, but find it much harder to keep up with baby #2. (Like... I haven't even touched my photo book projects since she was born!) Besides this blog, I try to document every six months in a photo book instead of printing out individual pictures.... it's like a photo album basically... and I NEED to get on top of it asap.

Look at this sweet girl...

She is always wanting to examine things... it's so sweet (except when it's some one's shoe... or Burke's Lincoln log house he's been working on for two days... you get the point.)

Then I put her in a pumpkin.
She didn't hate it. 

(Why yes... that is orange you see glowing from the inside... I had to SPRAYPAINT one of our orange pumpkins white because Walmart was out of white pumpkins.) The Dalmatian effect wouldn't be the same with orange, right?

Those eyes... 

Then she had had enough. :)

Fast forward to this week...

We had quite the opportunities to play Fireman Sam and his a Dalmation.

We had trunk or treat Wednesday night at our church.

This is the look I get when she sees me and she's ready for dinner. :)

Our friends, Kate and Morris, also had a fireman and a fire dog. :)
Weren't they cute?!

The hilarious part was that we received multiple compliments on our cows. hahaha...
I see it... i really do. 

Something to note if you plan on DIYing a Dalmatian. :)

Then it was time to go- as seen by HM's face.

Thursday, we made spider cookies and I took a few shots of their favorite thing to do at this moment in time...

Burke either likes to trap her, chase her, or play peek-a-boo with her in the tunnel. 

All of the above are accepted... however, rolling the tunnel and squishing the tunnel have been attempted and quickly banned. 

Have I mentioned the girl is pulling up on everything and cruising like a champ?
I think she will walk much sooner than her brother.

Friday, Burke had a costume parade, festival games, and party at school.
His class

See Fireman Sam do a little jig, here.:)

His buddy Conner Woody

and sweet Laura Elizabeth

This little pumpkin and I had to make a quick trip to Walmart in between festivities... 

That afternoon the Ernest's held their third annual Halloween party. 
It was so much fun- like always!

Hobbs wasn't having it! Ha!
He and Hylan need to get together to visit Santa I do believe. :)

Sweet Josie- the owl!

Odessa and Scooby Ella

Addi, Payne, Burke, and Genevieve

There were so many others I didn't get a picture of!

Halloween Post #2 coming soon!

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