Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Weekend- Part 2

After a fun and busy Friday full of festivities, we packed up and headed to the lake for another home game weekend. This one obviously fell on Halloween, and it was obvious as soon as we pulled up that Ree had been hard at work making sure that our boys would have the best time (Even though it was her birthday weekend... and she wasn't supposed to do a thing! ha!). 

Burke was in a deep sleep upon our arrival, but when he and Cade saw it that next morning- they were pumped. :)

However, we had to leave by 8am Saturday morning for the game, so we would have to take it in that afternoon. 

And since the game fell on Halloween, we had to dress appropriately! :)

Hylan fit perfectly in Burke's first Halloween costume!
(And let's just reminisce a minute, shall we?)
Ahhh... so cute!

Anyway, we added a bow and baby girl was game day  ready. :)

Earlier in the week when I had taken out Hylan's costume to see if it fit, Burke got a little jealous and proclaimed he wanted to be Aubie too. SO what does a mother do? Posts his plea on Facebook and hope someone comes to our rescue. :)

People did and one friend happened to have just his size in an Aubie costume that we also have in a too small version. 
Burke was ecstatic to dress like Aubie for the day! (Thanks Trishia!)

Our two tigers!

We got there early in hopes of enjoying the bouncy houses and games they usually have on campus, but I'm assuming because it was an 11am game they didn't put them out. So instead we got to watch the band play and march into the stadium.
Before they started, the band photographer saw Burke and asked if he could be in the bands' picture. Of course he can- we love the AUMB!

I then asked if my little girl could be thrown in the mix (she was walking in with Ree a little ways behind us) and he agreed...

Two tigers are better than one.
War Eagle!

We then went on in and watched march around up close...

Changing table fun ;)

Hylan and Hudson loving on one another. :)

And then... 

 Ree was holding her. It was so fun!
She was on so long that I had time to dig my phone out of the diaper bag and take a picture... 

except as soon as I tapped the red button she was gone. Ha!

Then we lost the game (wha-wha.... but headed back to the lake still in costume and ready to get festive!)

After dinner Ree and PaPa's Fall Festival began. :)

The Donut Game...

was simply...


I'm just mad I thought I was videoing... when instead I was taking a picture! 

Ryan won! ha!

These guys had a blast. Ree had a surprise for them after every game (from homemade cookies to light up swords). They were in Fall Festival heaven. Favorite moments included watching the donut game (we were all in stitches) and the ghost buster moon walk (where Hudson brought some serious dance moves!)

Sister even stayed up. :)

But was ready for bed by the end. :)

I can't! 


It was a great time. These grandchildren are so loved.
We are so blessed with amazing family!


  1. Wow what a fall festival! So sweet they did that for all the grand kiddos!

  2. Right?! It was there own little carnival! It was so sweet!