Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Whew! It's November, and since daylight savings time happened last night, I feel that I have like 10,031 more hours in the day... and have the right to stay up to blog past 9:30pm. (Who am I kidding... this will all catch up to me by 8am tomorrow.)

Halloween was Friday, and it must be documented! While I don't do "scary," I do enjoy traditions, reasons to gather with friends, and trick-or-treating! 

We went to a church fall festival on Wednesday night. Ryan was able to make it too! We had fun with our friends Summer and Payne. The boys did everything from getting their face painted to trunk-or-treating... and even got a bible lesson in conjunction with lighting of a jack-o-lantern :)

(Terrible blurry iPhone pictures... sorry!)

On Thursday night we had pizza and pumpkins (love me some alliteration). We've decided to make this an annual tradition...

However, waiting till the day before Halloween isn't the best idea. This meticulous mastermind was up way past his bedtime whittling away. :) 

 However, it didn't disappoint! 
Look at that pumpkin!... And The Man... he is pretty cute too!

And this is where Halloween day started... and boy was it a day. We jumped from one event to the next. I was exhausted by the end of it, but we had a great time.

 I sent Burke to school Wednesday and Friday this week, so he wouldn't miss out on the parade at school. We barely got there on time (due to my picture taking).

They all were so stinkin cute.

 I came back later for the party. I signed up for juice boxes. I used some tape/gauze I found for $3 at Walmart to cover them like mummies, but I ran out for the last one and used just plain ole toilet paper and it turned out just as cute, and wasn't as time consuming. If I do it again, that's the route I will go.

I thought they turned out pretty adorable!

 What does my child eat first? The cookie. 
The boy loves some sweets!

 When we got home, the first thing he wanted to do was dump out his goody bag that was made for him by his sweet teachers and classmates, and go through it. 

After this, I basically threw him in bed because the next event we were to be at started at 3. This boy sleeps 2+ hours mid-day, so we had to get an early start to nap time.

I woke him up right at 3 o'clock, and we walked to our friend's house for a Halloween party! (I love that friends live so close to us!) It was so much fun to see all the kids dressed up (and as you can see my child lost all accessories, we had to resort to tieing his belt in a knot to keep up his pants, ... he was basically a yellow blob)  and running around playing. Everything was so cute and festive!

 The host (Payne the dinosaur) and sweet friends Lawson and Anderson.

 The kiddoes! I mean, how cute are they?

 The mommas!
 A big thank you to Summer for being an awesome hostess! 
It couldn't have been more fun!

We came home, to eat dinner, and wait on daddy to arrive before we headed out again to trick-or-treat. Burke was all about this tradition so he could "get more candy."

We had pinpointed Elm Street near our house for the one we would venture out on... it was later pointed out by my husband that we indeed walked down Elm Street on Halloween. 

Anyway, here's a clip of Burke trick-or-treating this year. :)

Well... and part 2.

This Halloween was the last as a family of three! Next year coordinating kid outfits will make this day a bit more challenging, but I'm sure double the fun!

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