Wednesday, October 22, 2014

BOO at the ZOO

One day... I'll get to our progress on the inside of the house... One day. This season is full of great times to document, and I choose to blog about these special and fun times- that turn into memories- versus boring things like painting trim for what seemed like eternity! :)

Last Friday we went to The Birmingham Zoo to enjoy "Boo at the Zoo!" This was a first time for Burke and me. We went with some new friends we have made in our neighborhood! Not everyone could make it, but these are all the friends and their kids who carpooled to Birmingham for this event!

When moving from Atlanta, I had no idea what kind of church family, friends, and neighbors God would put in our life, but I definitely prayed... and prayed hard to find people and opportunities that would raise me up in my walk with Christ. I CAN NOT even describe to you how God has shown himself to me in the people I have met thus far. From our pastor at church to my friend/employer where I teach baton (not to mention the amazing kids I instruct). From my neighbors across the street to the ones pictured above that are so sweet and welcoming to newbies to their neck of the woods... and so many more! It brings me to tears (pregnancy hormones much?) to see how God is guiding us, and I am trying really really hard to listen to God's calling in our lives. 

Sorry... to get to sentimental... back to the zoo.
As you already guessed, my little guy is The Man in the Yellow Hat. :) He is IN LOVE with Curious George... and has been for awhile, so what better character for him to be for Halloween! 

We arrived at the zoo when it opened for this event (5:00), and as soon as we got to the zoo we rode the train. Great suggestion by my friend Summer... because one, it apparently gets a very long line later in the evening, and two, it might be pretty scare for me the kids involved at night (think spooky sounds effects and a haunted house feel.)

After our ride, we went to the monster slide! This looked like a ton of fun. However, poor Burke wasn't tall enough so he had to sit this one out. He would have done it, as he was chomping at the bit, but after sitting back and watching it, I could see he might have been too small to go down (i.e. he might indeed fall through the inter tube hole. :)

He's a little squirt.

But a cute one...

Could eat him with a spoon I tell you!

As for the costume... I bought nothing but a can of yellow spray paint and some Rit dye. 

Hat- was found in GeGe's basement, spray painted yellow, and I used black tape for the stripe.
Shirt- cheap white dress shirt from Old Navy, dyed it yellow with Rit dye (this was my first time dying clothing... and it was surprisingly easy!)
Belt- Burke doesn't own a belt. So I made a thin one out of black tape that is just for looks (however, his pants are big, so I'm thinking I need to invest in a real one that serves a real purpose instead of using a clip to hold them up. :)
Pants- These were handed down to me by Shireen! They were Ryan's pants! No dying involved.
Boots- Handed down from Danielle. They were Cade's. 
Curious George- Well,... he already resides in our home, so he came along for the trip. 

Here are the boys, Lawson (zebra)

 and Payne (dinosaur) on the monster slide.

 Spiderman is Anderson and his brother Owen is not pictured. :) 
Are they not adorable?!

 They got to Trick-or-Treat too!

 Heather and her boys.

 The Man can putt.

 He insisted on taking his picture with this cat... not sure why, but I do believe he has a thing for kitty cats.

 He actually sat still to get a Tiger painted on his face!
Yeah... I was surprised too.

I was SO impressed with Boo at the Zoo, and hope to do it again! I didn't get pictures at half the things that we did while there, but I think the boys had a great time! 

We stayed for about two hours, and headed to Chick-fil-a for dinner. 
What a great night out with great people!

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