Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

You can see our past two experiences with the pumpkin patch here and here.

I have found a common thread with these visitations....

It's always HOT.

You think... oh, it's October. That means boots since there will be a crisp breeze, right?


None-the-less, we always have fun! (I may have struggled with this years visit more than years past, but hey... 6 mths pregnant will do that to a person I suppose.) The gang included Ree, Danielle, myself, and ...

The three amigos.

 The Thomas Train ride is always a hit. "Whoo-whoo!"

 The rode all by themselves!

 Lots of bounce house fun...

It wasn't crowded, so these boys had a lot of room for rough housing!

Did I mention Ree went with us?
I KNOW we couldn't have tackled this trip without her help... Seeing as how Burke insisted he be carried towards the end of our visit!

 A hot, sweaty, and squinty "cheese" is all we could muster.

 Lots of animal petting... B loves the bunnies because they are soft. :)

 This was added since last year... a silo slide!

 Once it was time to pick out our pumpkins, Burke decided he would rather have rocks...

or play with the scarecrow.

Whatever makes them happy, right?

So thankful for sweet family to share fun times with!

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