Monday, October 13, 2014

The sleepover

This should have been posted A LONG time ago, but I'm just now getting around to it...

Cade came for his first sleep over with us during the summer. These boys had a blast.

Danielle and I met at a middle ground between Sylacauga and Alex City so Cade could start the spend the night party. As soon as we got back to the house we went outside to play. After playing outside in the water and riding toys we came in to make cookies and take a rest.

(A little role reversal in the white car since Stacy's wedding :)

Well,... at least they came in for a break. :) I let the chaos unfold itself (in the form of sprinkles) and decided it would be easier to just clean up the mess once they finished "decorating." 

Their masterpieces. 

Snack time.

When Ryan got home, we headed to Pizza Hut... and I can not tell you how hilarious they were. 

After a bath...

we settled them down with a movie and more food. Monsters Inc. II

I fixed them each a tray (aka. shirt box :) with water, popcorn, one of their cookies, grapes, and M&M's. They were set. 

Cade lasted the whole movie... but Burke bit the dust three-fourths of the way through. (This was before we had a rug for the living room... my bum would be so sore!

Burke and Cade both slept on the bottom bunk, but we pulled the top bunk mattress down on the floor  for Cade and told him he could go sleep there whenever he wanted (but not to wake Burke when he transferred.) :)
Well, the next morning, I found Cade on the mattress we had put on the floor and Burke was asleep in his bed. :) Success.

When both boys woke up we ate a train themed pancake breakfast and headed out to the park. We walked... got to get that energy out!

We came back for lunch, and then headed over to the Blue Bell Factory for some yummy ice cream! Wouldn't you know they pick "the rainbow." Where everything ends up turning blue and they were left with blue lips to prove it. (See Cade below) :)

One of the reasons it has dawned on me to finally document this fun cousin sleepover is because we did it all over again last weekend! Burke has been beyond excited. We started this one out with Chucky Cheese... so I think we already had a success in the fun department, but here's what went down the second go around.

As already mentioned, Chucky Cheese. :) 
My child will do ANYTHING for a visit to this lovely attraction. 

I found this particularly hilarious...
Burke is not big enough to pull himself up on the "steps" in some of the play areas. So he would stand there, with his arms raised, yelling "Cade!" until his partner in crime pulled him up to the next level. They did this all the way up. :) Cade is so good with Burke!

See those serious shoes on this little red head? Yep! Hudson is walking! He's nine months old y'all! I can't even imagine!

Short story... Ryan met us at Chucky Cheese after work. Well, I had him drive the boys home so I could return a few things to a store nearby. He told me he was going to take them to Dairy Queen once they got into Sylacauga.
Well... I walked in the door (to being pelted by three boys with Nerf guns), and found a to go cup holder on the counter. I asked Ryan why he didn't take them in... and he got a bit offensive. :) Apparently a 45 min. drive with two boys yelling at the top of their lungs, asking how many minutes till they get to Dairy Queen will drive a man to go through the drive-thru. :)

Anyway, straight to the tub they went (after a Nerf war).

A repeat of snacks and a movie to settle down... I think they LOVE this part. So we'll keep it tradition. Both their little eyes light up when they get their own tray of food. 

Sleeping didn't go as well this go around... I ended up sleeping on the mattress on the floor because they we're both so restless that night. All three of us started out in Burke's bunk, but I'm starting to get uncomfortable when sleeping in a three inch space, so I volunteered to take on the separate bed.

The next day we went to the park and made snacks (that were just adorable on Pinterest). 

Let's just say we could list this in the Pinterest Fail category. (They were supposed to be teeth/dentures).

We always have a blast together, and I'm so thankful for this sweet cousin friendship these two share.

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