Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

I was starting to stress about the Pumpkin Patch.

Silly I know, but I REALLY wanted to bring Burke again this year (you can see last year's visit here!), but with every weekend being taken with Auburn Football home games (I'm not complaining! War Eagle!) and trying to work on GeGe's house on the one away game weekend, it did not look like it was going to happen.

Sure, I could bring Burke by myself on a weekday, but it's just not the same without daddy. :)

So, Danielle told me about one that Cade's class went to this past week, and it sounded promising- Jack-o-lantern Farms in Fayetteville, AL (complete with Thomas the Train, bunnies, and bounce houses... all things necessary when picking out a pumpkin).

It also was an added bonus that we could quickly get on 85 to head back to Atlanta. That is if I hadn't forgotten my IPhone charger at the lake, and Ryan hadn't forgotten his wallet in his dad's truck... which was all the way back in Cullman.... (we have a problem.)

None-the-less, we fit it in after church on Sunday, and boy did we have a GREAT time! 

We "borrowed" Cade for additional entertainment. :)
He and Burke are a hoot together. I believe they are going to be the best of friends. 

So we started our pumpkin patch visit- where else, but on Thomas. 

Burke was obsessed. 

 Annnnddd I'm not quite sure why he is scrunching up. Now that I think about it, does he think he's fixing to get run over by Thomas? 
Oh, this may make him have bad dreams.

Next, were the blow-ups. The slide was the biggest hit (which I can't get my video to upload), but my favorite was watching Burke try to stand up on the thing while the 3 and 4 year olds bounced relentlessly around him. 

Then it was back to Thomas...Dad's turn this time! And this was his expression when he realized that his legs would indeed not fit into one of the passenger cars. :)

Best pic of the day... aren't they cute. :)

Next, it was homemade ice cream time! (Yes, don't judge... I made Burke take his shirt off... we hadn't made it to the pumpkin pictures yet!)

We even played some good ole tag. 

Time to pet the animals!

I loved watching Burke's face while petting the bunnies! I couldn't capture it though. :/

Finally, we took the hayride to the pumpkin patch. 

And found the best two pumpkins of them all.

They were giggling and saying cheese at their loudest capacity. :) So precious.

What a perfect day. (But don't read into Burke's expression... hunger was starting to kick in.)

So we ate hot dogs, chips, fruit, and played with the last bit of energy we had on the stage inside the cafe'.
 And each got a 50 cent souvenir. (Don't ask me why they picked planes... and purple and pink ones at that). 

Pumpkin Patch 2013 was a success!

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