Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

It's been quite a month around here... to say the least. However, we have been keeping busy with some fun Halloween crafts, that have been a lot of fun for Burke... and me!

 Cupcake decorating...

This was what the end product was supposed to look like:
As Burke says... "Whoo whoo's!)

 However, when Burke was given the decorating materials, he felt it was more like snack time. :)  A really really delicious one. Understandably so...

Because momma got to keep a bag full of the unused oreo wafers all to herself... muahhhaaa... love the chocolate wafer minus the white goo... I wish they just sold this part!

We froze worms in ice... he actually did a great job putting the worms in all the trays.

 Caramel apple decorating at the lake with Nana and Ree!

And dressing up for game day last weekend :)

We made mummies.
Burke assisted with the taping down of the toilet paper and putting the eyes on. :)

Bath time pumpkin decorating!

We painted a pumpkin patch using a cut up pool noodle for the pumpkins and our fingers for the vines. 

And of course pumpkin carving!

I think these videos are priceless. The first one so telling of his little personality. :)

Ghost pancakes this Halloween morning! Burke helped with the eyes and mouth. :O

Tonight we plan on Burke dressing up (no spoilers here!) and heading to the library and to the neighborhood around downtown Smyrna for his first trick-or-treating experience! 

Hope your halloween is filled with special memories and fun times!

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