Friday, November 8, 2013

Late Halloween Post

We are in the mountains! So this will be short... but this cold weather got me to thinking... 

I haven't posted about Burke's first trick-or-treating experience!

Shame. On. Me.

 This Halloween he was a strong-man. He had quite a growth spurt since last Halloween.

He passed through puberty and everything.

He had a ball, and so did we.

Showing off his muscles!
(sorry about the blurry iPhone photo)

We went to the Smyrna Library... but that was a flop because it was catered towards older kids, so we just set out around that neighborhood... 

 We went to about five houses and decided to take him to another location, (Where the King Size candy bars flow like milk and honey, and yes, we used our son to bring in the good stuff for mommy and daddy. He owes us.) but not after examining his loot for a good 15 min. on top of the car.

So proud! 

We spent another hour at the next stop, where he started getting the hang of this trick-or-treating thing. He would walk up... knock on the door, say "Treat!"and LOVED the fact that the response was literally a drop in his bucket. We witnessed Pavlov's conditioning in action. Who needs dogs to salivate while ringing a bell, when you have a tradition like trick-or-treating to prove your theory?

Group stache' photo.

Post to come on our Tennessee trip... (thanks again Ree and PaPa!) Until then, here's one of the many cheesy pics you will get to feast your eyes on upon our return. Gotta love animals alive, stuffed, mounted, and statued. Burke sure does!

War Eagle! Beat those Vols!

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