Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beach- Fall Version

Burke has been talking about the beach since we left last summer... and I agree, it just doesn't feel right letting the summer slip by without my toes touching the sand... except it's now fall, but it did the trick!

Ryan had to work, so the kids, my mom, and I packed up and headed out last Saturday morning for a short beach trip. Vacations with little ones are so very different than pre kid vacations... but I knew that before this trip. :) You go knowing you're simply moving your crazy to a different location. hahaha

I wanted to see Hylan's first reaction to the sand as an infant, and I wanted to quench Burke's taste for gathering shells and building sand castles before it was too late (even if he does destroy the castle before it's even 1/3 finished!) We were originally supposed to go a couple of weeks ago, but plans feel through when our immune system around here was seemingly nonexistent and the weather forecast for the days we were planning on going was rain. rain, and more rain.

I'm glad we rescheduled! 

We arrived in Gulf Shores Saturday around 2:00pm and stayed at a close friend's condo. 
It was perfect and just steps away from the beach.

The temps were in the mid seventies and the water was COLD! But Burke didn't care... and my awesome mom followed suit. :)

Hylan checking out this beach thing...

and tasting this beach thing... she was NOT a fan after she realized how nasty sand was in the mouth. :)

Burke loves being covered up!
 I tend to get claustrophobic, and I'm surprised he doesn't freak out as well!But he just wants you to do it over and over again. :)

If you are family, you know the word "poot" is constantly added to the end of sentences/names (mama-poot)/ or phrases... yes... it's quite unfortunate, but you have his father (a.k.a. Pesterpot) to blame for this one. Ryan called him that if he was being silly, and Burke has taken with it... and ran. lol
We are trying to reinforce it only stays at home or in kidding with close family, but I'm sure he slips up!
However, I decided to have a little payback while he was trapped. :) 

He really loved the toys that were at the condo for his little hands to play with. 

That night we just ordered from the Shrimp Basket and ate here... it was relaxing and the perfect ending to the day.
The next morning... it was chilly! I didn't prepare us as well as I should have, so you will see a lot of the same sweatshirt and jeans in the rest of the pictures!

We had intentions of just going to the beach to look for shells and play around a bit before coming back to the condo and changing into our swim suits for the day.
So we literally walked out the door with nothing in our hands but a bucket for shell collecting and the clothes on our backs.

We walked the beach and just took in this sweet boys excitement of the whole experience....

And we all tried to stay out of the icy water! 

But of course this boy's shoes came off and he made a game of keep-away from the water... kind-of-not-really. :)

I believe he loved losing. :)

We eventually ended up sitting down and taking turns going back to the condo to change into our bathing suits because it was just to gorgeous to even think about going back inside, and it was warming up quickly.

(I believe she's saying... give me sun. All the sun!)

Have I mentioned this girl LOVES animal crackers.
The apple didn't fall far... :)

This gal.

 Burke played for hours in the sand.

And especially liked using the sand as sand balls and blasting you in the hiney. :) Boys...

Later that night we went to The Crab Trap... I've never been, but my gal pal Julie recommended it. It was perfect. Great playground, good food, and Burke left with a bucket and shovel. Winning.

This was his first taste of the slide. lol
I felt so bad!

I didn't realize exactly how steep it really was until I climbed up myself later!

I love this next video too. :)
He uses "actually" all the time in his sentences. Apparently I do that a lot too.hahaha

And BEFORE I actually (see) experienced "the slide" for myself I convinced him that if he went on his belly it wouldn't be so bad... haha.. nope.

Then I rode.... y'all it was scary! 
And yes, that's Burke starting to cry because I was chickening out! ha!

More pictures of the night...

When we got back home, we headed out to crab hunt... 

Or lack there of... apparently the crabs know what I didn't... that sand is like SNOW when the sun goes down in the fall. Y'all I thought I hate frostbite and my feet were going to fall off. Not kidding.
Have I mentioned that this was my first trip to the beach in the fall???

Anyway, Burke got scared of the beach at night and begged to go back. My feet were thankful.

The next morning we took our time getting ready because we knew it was chilly again.

By nine, we were ready to make our way down, but I found Hylan's bonnet like so...

and after some untangling, we were back in business. :)

Bonnets and babiators unite. haha!

HM and I only stayed out about 45 minutes because it was so windy and she could not get comfortable on me to take a nap like the day before, so we headed in... but not before some cute pictures. :)

Mom stayed out with Burke a little while longer, but they followed us about an hour later because it was getting worse. Apparently it was the windiest day they've had all year! The waves were huge and the red flags were up.

Perfect for a kite fly!

We then decided to pack up, clean up, and head out to a late lunch at one of our favorite stops LuLu's. Its a huge chain- yes... but Burke LOVED it the last time we visited. Only this time there weren't any other kids his age to play with, so I don't think it was as big of a hit. After dinner we just played in the sand and then hit up the arcade. Three dollars worth of play earned him enough tickets to buy "candy sticks" and a sticker. 

Money well spent.

The kids did great on the drives to and from, and we had a safe trip... so thankful! 
Being at the edge of the coast is always refreshing and a place that you can easily observe God's creation. It's just breathtaking... every.single.time.

Thanks mom, for helping with the kids and making this trip so special for Burke, and a huge shout out to my friend Julie. Thanks so much for the great stay! We hope to come back!

And if Burke has anything to do with it... it will be sooner than later. :) (Hence the video he shot of himself singing about his sea shells. :)

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