Friday, October 16, 2015

October Fun!

Last Friday we went to Boo at the Zoo with our sweet friends, Summer and Payne, and Amanda and Lawson.

This year Burke wanted to be Chase (from Paw Patrol), but then changed it to Fireman Sam. Of course my mind was spinning as to what Hylan would be at this announcement. So Firedog it is! And for the record...(not his) Firedog. :)

That's right... Burke did NOT like the idea of HM being his firedog (I think this is the same reason he wouldn't settle for the traditional fireman costume... Fireman Sam does NOT have a a red coat and he does NOT have a firedog. ;)

So Hylan is just some random Dalmatian we picked up on the side of the road...
 As for costumes...
You probably recognize the yellow pants ...
They were Ryan's when he was tiny (thanks Ree for passing these down!) and have come in super handy! Ha!

Jacket- a blue raincoat I found on ebay for 5$ shipped!
belt- 7$ at Walmart
Fireman Sam helmet- Amazon
Boots- Croc rain boots (already had)
Tool- dollar store

As for the adopted dalmatian...
onsie- (already had) with circles of black felt I hot glued on
Tutu- I found a tutorial on how to make using a head elastic and white tulle (so easy!)
ears- black head band with red bow (already had) and then I just cut out ears and the spots to look like a puppy dog.
Black hose and shoes completed the look. :)

And of course some cardboard fire truck cut outs to make the wagon useful! (Thanks to Amazon for awesome boxes!) A little spray paint and engineering and it was transformed!

I know my days are limited when it comes to coordinating/making costumes (like... he's already called being a dinosaur for next Halloween... I guess he thought Lawson was pretty awesome... which he was! Look at the kid!),

 so I'm going all out until I can't go anymore! ha!

The traffic was terrible going into Birmingham, so we arrived late, but we still got to do everything and the kids had a ball. (We did want to note- next year... we will leave early, eat in Birmingham prior to Boo at the Zoo, and then take on the event!)
I asked Ryan to come along and he obliged... I am so thankful, because it would have been so much harder without him! It's always easier when it's one kid to one parent... especially when one is not a walker.

This was taken in front of the Monster Slide... he rode three times!

The boys all squeezed onto one seat on the train!

After taking in the atmosphere, carousel riding, and trick or treating through the hay maze we headed home.

We then stopped at Chick-fil-a  because Hylan was SCREAMING and the boys could no longer live off Starburst and Snickers.
We got to rearrange our riding situation (like Ryan got the four of us PLUS a fire wagon to all fit in the tiny Prius!) He's a professional packer people, and the kids were asleep before we got out of Birmingham. Which made for an easy ride home and deep insight as to WHY I drug a nine month old to Boo at the Zoo. hahahaha

But she did look cute! :)

On Saturday we took our traditional visit to Jack-o-lantern Farms in Fayetteville. 
We have been here since Burke was one with family... so it feels like tradition!


I have a love/hate relationship with this image above... we were so unsuspecting.... and planned to announce the big news that next weekend.

That next day would be when I realized something was terribly wrong...

October is infant loss awareness month, which of course coincides with when I miscarried at 12 weeks. Not a day goes by I don't think of our little angel we will one day met again!

The next year, I was pregnant again... with Hylan, our sweet rainbow baby!

Ummm... can we just pause and take in how much Burke changed from Oct. 2013, to 2014??!!

It's always a great idea to get a picture pre- hot and sweaty pumpkin patch fun... (although the weather was cooler than any time we have been thus far!)

Easier said, than done...

yup- photo shoot over.
(Although Cade has got this down pat!)

Best one I could get. :)

Next stop, Thomas the train!

Sweet sister will be riding next year!

Meanwhile we will just take a bizzillion pictures. :)

Have I mentioned I think we started out a little strong in the pumping patch arena? Seeing as how he expects inflatables, train rides, and a hay ride in order to pick out a pumpkin... but whatever. ;) 

Afterwards we found a nice cool spot to swing and take a little rest.

We then loaded up and took at ride to the pumpkin patch!

The silo slide and bunnies are always a big hit.

The picking of the pumpkin.

These two.

 Mission accomplished!

On Sunday I attempted my mad photography skills once again...



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