Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The roller coaster we call- our health.

Because I really want to post pics and stories from our latest adventures... like Boo at the Zoo and our Pumpkin Patch visit, I won't... because between viruses we have had some great fun... AND

I feel a lot like this:

(On the way to Auburn two weekends ago. :)

I just finished hosting a Pottery Party at our house and I'm whipped! 
I can't wait to get the pieces back though!

So until I can get the time to post our blog worthy pumpkin times...

There has been more soccer... errrr...uhhh running AROUND the ball vs. kicking it.

He looks so cute, 

and loves Coach Daddy being on the field with him.

There was more sickness...
That ear infection didn't get the boot... so a second round of antibiotics it is for this girl. :(

You can't tell by this picture, but it is hurting her tummy something awful. 
Hoping the probiotics that we just got (Thanks Odessa!) will help. 

While we were forced to be homebodies, we got busy on our Halloween costumes... here's a little sneak peek! Eeeee!

I needed a model while sister slept...
Burke obliged. Hehehe

Of course we worked on Burke's costume and pumpkin carve ideas too...
(Fireman Sam, duh.) ;)

He also wanted to paint with some new "Halloween paint" (glittered paint colors)...
The top picture, I helped him do first: pumpkins and swirls...
He then went on to draw three more, and informed me when he was finished that one (far left) was for Mrs. Crocker (his choir teacher) because it looked like music notes, (far right) for Mrs. Summer and Payne (sweet friends) and then the middle... that's for Jesus folks. :)

He drew a cross to start with and then added more detail... I love his sweet heart! (And if you're LaKeisha or Summer... you must be pretty great if you're in the same category as Jesus! ;)

Then comes the weekend... and of course we go to Auburn rain or shine, well or sick... to cheer on our Tigers!

 It's the perfect the cure for going stir crazy, but then we pay dearly for it the next week apparently, because we have been coming back with a new bug almost every weekend (flu, stomach virus, food poisoning anyone?) Not just the kids... but Ryan and myself too!

(Stacy reading to the two youngest Coleman's.)

Of course, once we are well, we try to get back into our routine... and have some fun.
(And wear coordinating pullovers from Crystal Faye. #whosaidgirlsaretheonlyonesthatmatch?)

 and eat corn...

My kids love corn.

And since we are eating our vegetables... we are hoping to keep the bugs at bay, at least for awhile!

Burke went back to school after a week at home, and he started back on his favorite day of the week. 
TumbleBus Thursday's.


Let's stay well awhile, shall we?

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