Sunday, November 27, 2011

Do you see what I see?

Christmas tunes are already in my head, and it's still November. Anyway, take a look at this!
In one week, our "kitchen" went from this to

Let me take you through the process...

Once our AWESOME parents left last weekend, this was how the kitchen looked. Walls were up, drywall was mudded and sanded, and ready for paint.

So, Ryan did one last sanding job, primed (see below)

and painted... (if you look over the tarp to the right, you can see him in action... or I guess the grey stripe with the roller in between the two white spots... you can't actually see him :) p.s. This is my view from the living room... butt on couch. :)

Since the living, dining, and kitchen are so very open, we are taking the Dolphin Fin Grey (Behar) on into the kitchen. I do love that grey... highly recommend it for any of you grey lovers like me.

After that, on to the floor!
Ryan cleaned the sub flooring up with the dry vac (that thing is a life saver),

put in the flooring in the kitchen, AND in the baby's closet,

and rented a finish sander from Home Depot to make sure everything is nice and even before he stains.

Meanwhile... he told me the closets were next... so I volunteered to do SOMETHING productive, and I cleared our closet.

He informed me AFTER the pictures above that he was tired of working, and would NOT be doing the closets tonight... so guess what I'm doing before we go to bed ... :) 

Next steps: sand master closet, hallway closet, and baby's closet. Clean em' and stain!... and you know what comes after that, right? :)

I can just envision myself baking an apple pie in something other than a toaster oven! :) or better yet, NOT washing dishes a Rubbermaid container!

Yeah... I'm secretly glad I'm on bed rest just so I don't have to do dishes this way for the rest of my pregnancy. :D  

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