Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nursery Design

I used Olioboard to put this together... I know there is a way to share this "creation" besides copying and pasting, but I haven't figured it out yet. :) I would like for there to be a direct link from these items to the product information... so if any of my fellow bloggers know how to go about this, give a girl some tips. :)

Do you like? We have decided to go with a grey and yellow theme for baby C's room... which we will be starting on upon our return from Christmas break. I really love the light, clean feel of these colors and like the pop of color from the yellow.

We basically have the furniture already... the "changing table" is going to be a piece from our bedroom that we my husband sands and paints white... I might change out the knobs, and of course add the changing box and pad. The crib is going to be FREE from Ryan's parents... we will be picking it up over Christmas! I have my eye on a rug... those things are so dang expensive, but I think I've found a reasonable one. Same for the pendant light. As for the glider, my mom is coming tomorrow, and we are going to try out a few I have my eye on. The one in the mood board is actually perfect. The accessories I will be hunting for at my local Homegoods and scouring my attic when I go home!  

Now the hard part: The bedding... the one above is not too bad... it's from Target, but I just struggle with the bedding decision. I just want it to be perfect, ya know? Is that to much to ask? So, if you have any recommendations of good seamstresses or a great place to order bedding, let me know! I'm in dire need of help in this area!

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    They have sets already that you can order from, and they are VERY reasonably priced, especially for how long you will use it. We got Janie Ann's for about $200 and it came with EVERYTHING from a dirty clothes hamper, wall hanging, pillows, sheets, valances, and more! They also have a new feature that allows you to design it yourself- I just tried it and it is so simple and fun!!