Monday, December 12, 2011

No rest for the weary... except for me.

Yep... I'm still on "bed rest." To be honest, I feel completly guilty. All this laying around, and doing what I please all day is pretty awesome... except:

*I can't help with the house renovations. :( And there are a TON of projects I could normally tackle staring at me straight in the face. (painting, cleaning, refinishing furniture...)

 *I realize my sick days are slowly running out, which means a HUGE paycut to our budget starting in February.

*I actually miss work... both the kiddos and my awesome team.

*... yeah... that's pretty much it. Since they put me on bed rest with "light activity" I'm not totally confined to the couch. I can do things around the house, and venture out once or twice a day... yeah, light bed rest is not too bad... which is why I want to scream "WHY CAN'T I GO BACK TO WORK??? (Sorry, got to vent)

I know normally I'm a chicken with it's head cut off at school... but I would make it a point to sit, sit, sit, and make the kids come to me. I really think I could pull this off. Maybe, just maybe, this Thursday when I go to the doctor, I can plead my case, and get the okay to return. Ahhhh... thank you for listening.

So, while I have been "resting" (I'm sooo tired of that word), there has been no rest for the weary... which would be my husband, Ryan. Here's the latest:

I ordered this pendant lamp (for $50.00 and no shipping!). I was thinking it would look great in the baby's room... but actually we decided it would be even better in the dining room. Unfortunatly, it was designed to plug in to the wall... yeah, with a long unsightly cord, but my handy husband rewired it so it would hang from the ceiling without the plug in cord. Lovely... just lovely.

Oh, and see that refridgerator in the background? That won't be there next weekend! We're moving it into the kitchen!!!

Speaking of kitchen, here's the before of the unfinished floors:

and the after!
Ooooh ... ahhh....

and if you remember, the closets were unfinished as well, here's the before:

and the after:

and there are two of these smaller closets he had to do:

Now all that's left for the closets are the baseboards and to put on doors for the baby's room and the hallway closets! (This sounds like a dad project... hint, hint, hint...daddy, want to come and help your sweet daughter this coming weekend?)

While all this staining and polying was going on, I stayed with some friends, Amy and Catherine. They have no idea how grateful Nugget and I are! They saved me and baby from getting any harmful toxins in our precious bodies. I have the best friends! 

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