Thursday, December 15, 2011

All DIY projects are not created equal

Well... I attempted a few ideas from Pinterest. (Friends and family... you may or may not be the recipiant of my labors :) Appoligies in advance.

I made this:
Breakfast Pie - yummy!

It was REALLY good... I altered it a bit. I left out the onion and some ingredient I had never heard of before... and used cheddar jack cheese...oh, and I didn't let it "sit" in my fridge for 2-12 hrs. Who thinks that far in advance?! Anyway, I highly recommend it! Here's the link:

I also wanted to give this a try.
Going to attempt this tutorial! I'm excited!
I have had a hankering for a change of furniture in the bedroom. Of course, we do not really NEED a new bedroom suite... it's just a want. Plus, when I think of all the other things in the house that need to be done, new bedroom furniture falls way down on the list.

So here's the before:

and the after:

It's not TERRIBLE, but definetly not as good as my breakfast pie.

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