Monday, December 19, 2011

The kitchen is coming! The kitchen is coming!

Oh gosh... do you know how excited I was this weekend? As excited as this little girl in this pink tutu.
excited !!!

This is how our kitchen looked before we left to pick up our cabinets.

Yes, our house looks like a bomb went off right now. I can't wait to get out of here for Christmas break!

And this was after our purchase at Ikea on Sat. morning. We arrived back home around noon.
Now go back, and take a close look... yes, YES! That is my husband reading directions! I was so proud. :)

At about 7:30 last night, this is how our kitchen looked!
So in a day and 1/2 all upper cabinets and doors assembled and ready to house our dishes, all bottom frames put together, and dishwasher installed and working wonderfully! Too bad Ryan has to work overtime this week... or else we would probably almost have a completed kitchen before Christmas! We are going to hire out for installation of the counter tops... it's coming along people! Before you know it I will be cooking a REAL meal in a REAL oven, and smiling from ear to ear!

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  1. YAY!!! So excited for you...I'm pretty sure you are jumping for joy and probably just staring at your pretty cabinets constantly :) I like the white with the glass panels. Congrats!!!