Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just being the cheer leader...

So, last weekend Ryan and I obviously got a lot done on the kitchen. Well, that will be the last time I get my hands dirty. At my last doctor's visit things changed drastically, and I am now on bed rest. :( More to come about that later, but now instead of contributing to the building process, I am now going to be the pregnant cheerleader on the couch. He starting mudding the sheet rock last weekend...

and when my parents came to see me in the hospital, my dad and Ryan finished it up! They both mudded, and let it dry while they put the rest of the insulation in the attic, and then this morning they sanded! Round 1 complete!

Apparently you have to do 2-3 coats of this stuff with sanding in-between. So right now, while I am sitting on the couch, permanently, until further notice, Ryan is doing the 2nd coat of mud. 
I love my hubby.

By the end of the week, hopefully it will be painted and ready for hardwood flooring!

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