Monday, May 14, 2018

Weekend Recap- Mom Edition

This weekend we celebrated Mother's Day. 
This is a bittersweet one... so many people have lost their mother, not had a mother figure, or are praying to be a mother, that it's a tough day for many. So, to all those I say, you are on my heart. Even though we have lost, we had. 
We had an amazing legacy that still lives on in our hearts today and molded us into the people we are. How grateful we can be for that!
Even if we didn't have a mother figure. Someone is that spot for us. It may have been a grandmother, aunt, or teacher, but someone in our lives impacted us like a mother would have, and how grateful we can be for that life that stepped in and made a positive impact on us!
To those that are praying for motherhood, I am praying with you. God will give you the desires of your heart in HIS perfect timing and perfect way. Only He has the perfect plan for your life and hears those prayers. Trust in Him and the way He has set to answer... He will answer. I promise!

This Mother's Day weekend began with a little community service time at Sunshine Saturday at Blue Bell Park to support the ARC.
I helped (and couldn't help but purchase) with the flowers!

My mom has a serious green thumb. I really want to work on this. I'm slowly adding to my plant collection, and aspire to be like her and know my plants. I seriously need her down here to go through the yard with me and give me advise. 

Sister and I planted the goods I brought back!
In this container, went basil, rosemary, and dill. 

And I found treasures from last year in the planter boxes that Burke helped me plant. haha

Meanwhile, Ryan was working heavily on the chicken run.

And sister on her sprinkler run...

And Burke, on his golf swing. hahaha
He went with Jack and his dad to get a little intro to golf. 
Candice sent me this video and I die at the tee in his teeth. haaha

By the end of Saturday, I felt we deserved a picture after all the work we put into this baby. We were both pooped, but Ryan definetly put in the hours on "The Rock" as he likes to call it. :) (Let's hope the chickens make it... we have some predators lurking and these chickens have already proven not to be the smartest.)

Sunday, I was sad to not get to be with my momma and SIL, but we are going to have a make-up girls day in the near future. We did have a great day in the beautiful sunshine and with family though and my peeps made me feel extra special with flowers, breakfast, cards, and a "She Reads Truth Bible" upon request. :) 
These special goods were given to me for Mother's Day!

He had me rolling at 10lbs and then swooning at Mario. lol (That's love people.)
Sidenote- I don't sew. Like at all. I asked him why he said sewing, and his response was "I couldn't think of anything you were good at." 

He was so proud of the flower he made me. It was too cute with the special little string you pull to make it bloom. 

We had a wonderful church service, followed by lunch at Giovanni's, and some time at the farm throwing rocks in the creek and picking the beginning of PaPa and Ree's garden.

Billy had already changed into farm clothes. :)

These kiddos love Hatchet Creek. :)

I'm excited for a homegrown salad this week! Eek!

I was a wonderful weekend.
I want to thank my mom, grandmothers that are no longer with us, Aunts, sister-in-laws, cousins, mom friends (oh what would I do without my girlfriends?!) Ree, and all those amazing ladies in my life that have been the hands and feet of Jesus every time I wavered, fallen short, needed guidance, an example, or just prayer. YOU are celebrated. Thank you for showing me Christ's love through our relationship and steering me closer to Him daily.


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