Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter 2018

Easter weekend started on Thursday for this crew... we headed to Cullman to visit with my family to celebrate Easter!

While there, we visited The Dutch Oven Bakery near my parent's house. 
It's Ahhhmazing.
We bought a lot or goodies, and Nanna bought fresh meats and cheeses for lunch! It made the most delicious sandwiches!

 Also (in a shortened version of the story)... the kids fell in love with some chicks and brought them home. :)

Burke named his "Cheep," and Hylan Marie named hers "Sophie," but since then has changed the name various times. :) We will see what sticks.

We also got to hang with Claire for the day! She is at the super fun baby stage! 6 months old is so so sweet!

Grandpa had lunch with us!

The chicks were played with non-stop.
The new "pets" had no idea what kind of wild ride they were in store for. Bless.

When we got home with our 2$ chicks (and 40$ brooder supplies), Ryan constructed a magnificent set-up for the baby birds. :)

Ryan is holding HM's face because she wouldn't stop pouting. She wanted to keep the chicks out to play well beyond bedtime. 

By Saturday, we were home and attending our church Easter egg hunt.

We returned home to ... you guessed it... play with the chicks. :)

Easter Sunday!

 I had set my alarm for 5:15, to take an early Easter morning walk, but guess who came into our room at 4:45, WIDE AWAKE. Burke Thomas.
He was completely convinced that he had seen the Easter bunny, and his two helpers (???). One is grey and the other black, incase your were wondering. I'm not sure if he was dreaming or seeing things, but he was so wound up it took him 30 minutes to stop talking about it and go back to sleep.

When everyone was up, we read out of Burke's new bible (a gift to B from us since he has started reading!) Mark's account of the Resurrection, and then went on our annual basket hunt the bunny sends us on!

I am so in love with sister's dress. I can't wait to pass it on to her if she has a little girl one day!

After an amazing church service celebrating our risen Savior, we headed to the lake!

Where the kids had a ball dying, playing, and finding eggs.

We watched the sun go down on this beautiful Easter Sunday.
It was perfect.

I am so thankful Christ gave himself for me and for you!
Because he lives, all fear is gone!!!!

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  1. Hylan with the baby chicks is the cutest video ever!