Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A day in the life... Monday Edition!

This actually should be called, A Day in the Life- A Monday in April Edition... I feel like depending on what time of year it is, dictates the day! ha!

Bright and early, I wake up and workout. I feel like if my exercise band on my watch is complete I have started the day on a go-get-em' note! It's kind of like making your bed... makes you feel accomplished!

(Ignore the fact that this screenshot was taken at 8:56... I realized I forgot a picture at 5:30am... my brain is a little fuzzy that early in the am. :)

I am in week 2 of this new workout, and like it! I'm sore in places that I'm not usually sore, which I think is a good thing! I don't follow it to a "T"... I like more stretching and barre' type workouts, so I just add that in where I want it to make up for it!

6:30 am
Quiet time!- truth be told 6:30 is LATE. I usually try to start at 6, but I had a hard time getting up this morning! Burke was up by this time, but chilled with Ryan. I usually try to have workout and QT in before anyone is up.

My friend, Laura gave me the guide, and I'm SLOWLY going through the Bible chronologically.

get ready

Does anyone else put all their make-up out and then put them back in the bag as they use them??

7:15am- sister wakes up... with the leg ache. So who cheers her up? :)

7:55am- we drop the big kid to school

and sister and I head to the sanctuary to get the alter flowers ready for delivery.

My little helper!

8:45- we head to Bham to pick up NaNa today. She went with us to ballet!

It was the sweetest!

While sister was in ballet, we went to Sprouts and did a little grocery shopping.

And found these! I didn't have a need for them this day, but how cool would this be instead of stopping fast food?! Sprouts is awesome!

10:30am- we went to Homegoods and Tuesday morning (not documented)

11:15am- Lunch at our favorite spot!
I can't wait till this is in Sylacauga!!!

1:00pm- back at NaNa's and got some good kitty time in... sister is in love with cats!

and NaNa had a sweet surprise!

What a fun day with her. :)

back at home, Burke was dropped off, and we had a little chill time before getting back into the day.

3:30pm- "homework" time for all.

remember those flowers... well, we decided to go find our friend, Mrs. Wrenn at the nursing home for a special delivery. She loved them!

5:00pm- a little play time with coup materials lying around our yard. :)

6:00pm- dinner!
A wonderful meal was going to be prepared... however, if I haven't prepped before 6 o'clock... you better believe that it ain't happening... soooo

we made Rolly Polly inspired meals... and Burke helped cut our strawberries. :)

and I decided to throw my plate on the floor. lol sigh... 
Sister kept saying... "It's okay momma." Love her!

That's when this began needing to be diffused... someone didn't want a bath... and then didn't want to get out of the bath... and then the world was falling apart basically. hahaha

Better by 6:45!

7:00pm- daddy is home! (PRAISE!)
He takes my place and I go take some momma time!

Shower and lavender... yes please!
(I'm out of lotion right now, and so I just add a drop to this unscented face lotion currently as a body lotion. ha! Whatever works!)

8:00pm- we settle in and read. Burke is doing so well. So proud of our boy!

And then I enjoy a late night snack...

Half adulating, right? :)

It was a wonderful day! I'll pick another day of the week next month!

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