Saturday, December 16, 2017

Yet another photo dump

I'm pretty sure this is what my blogging life has come to... photo dumps, in an attempt to keep things current. Life is hard without a laptop I tell you! ;)

Many of these were back from November!

Sister comes with us to Sunday School, because she has never been able to hang in the nursery. She likes taking pics while we study. :)

And then I take the camera at MMO drop off.... spoon. please.

Is there anything cuter than bubble shorts and mary janes???

But on her off days at home... she helps me. haha

And some fun too. Sister MUST color the whole paper. I LOVE this... teachers child!

And we found time to have a little retail therapy.:)

She feels she must copy ALL mannequins. :) 

And then Burke....
Burke LOVES to create things. He made this mask out of tape and a card board box. lol
He is currently working on a Ninja collection in his room... it pretty much adorable. Will post pics when he finishes!


But he cleans up nice. :)
(Side note... this was his daddy's peacoat!)

 We watched the Veteran's Day parade with friends.

We've helped others, with our church family by donating and bringing canned goods to the Care House.

And served snacks at church... or got caught sneaking them... :)
And spent a lot of time in Auburn!

Love these girls!

Julie, Rachel, and me
Love these girls and our memories in Jordan-Hare!

And look at these cute kids! (dismiss B's face :)

Scott made it to a game. This personality is like no other! :)

Broke out the Christmas "animals"... which lead to finding Christmas bedding, which lead to Christmas jammies. :) How could you say no to these faces a day after Thanksgiving? :)

And here are some other randoms!

LOVE this turkey!

Sweet Claire!


And then it was on to Auburn for THE GAME.


We beat the second #1 ranked team in two weeks! War Eagle!

And when you beat bama... you go to Toomers!

First time for this one!

The next day we went on a tree hunt! (Yes, we are tired all the time. haha)

We found the perfect one!

Or so we thought... IT WAS HUGE ha!

We usually decorate the kids trees in their theme of choice, but while we were decorating the big tree, he kept sneaking ornaments... well, we go to his room to find this perfectly decorated tree. I loved it.

and a perfect hand made star using a pipe cleaner! I died. Love Christmas through the eyes of a child!

and Gabe and Luella made their appearance on Dec. 1! 

Sister helped me finish up Christmas cards...

had her last days of MMO for the year...

and we decorated trees using play dough and dollar store finds during nap time... don't worry, she joined us an hour later! So fun!

I sure love this life at home with these kiddos. I am so grateful for these days!

Even the questionable ones. :)

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