Thursday, November 9, 2017

Halloween 2017

Oh how I loved looking back on these pictures!

This is definitely a fun stage of life, and I'm so glad I can dump some photos here!

Halloween screams fun class snacks and spooky reads. :)
Don't worry... this book is far from spooky. :) If you have little ones or teach little ones... this is the must have Halloween book. My kids and I die laughing every time we read it. :)
The class snack was made with clear plastic cups filled with green grapes and halved jumbo marshmallows. I just used a sharpie and some black construction paper for the details! Easy and healthy for the little ones!

The ghosts I made for my AU gals!

The dirt and worm cupcakes were Burke's classroom cupcakes for his class party.

He has such a precious little class!

The Friday prior to Halloween, we attended Payne's annual Halloween party! It's always a blast, and what is even more fun is getting a group pic of all these party animals. :)

*note... sister chose to sport some random Minnie dress in our dress up closet. It was after nap time and her cat claws came out. Minnie dress it was.

Wait for it... Morris was the highlight of this year's photo opp, with Jack Jordan a close second. 
These ages are so unpredictable, and you never know what kid is going to steal all the attention. I love it!

So... what did sister actually dress up as for Halloween?
She chose to be a black cat. Do you know why???
Because she is OBSESSED with a random black cat that frequents our house. I actually think this cat is bat crazy, but the kids have a fit over him when he shows up. He rubs all over them, tries to invite himself into our house, but then will jet away and not be seen again for a week. We can't figure this kitty out. 

We also had a Spider-Man in the house!

Funny ... or not so funny... story about the picture above.
This was our church's Trunk or Treat.... well, as most know, we live fairly close by and walk frequently, and it was no exception this particular evening. Well, we get one block away, and Burke requests for me to help him put his mask and gloves on... except... they were no longer in his seat, which meant they fell out along the walk. Needless to say we had to retrace our steps and located one piece at a time... the last one being 10 steps from our front door. (FACEPALM)
So we drove the route the second time around. :)

As for Halloween ... well... sister chose to be a bumble bee (yes... we have a serious dress up closet and obviously have commitment issues.) This picture was taken on our way to school, and I simply asked for them to strike a pose.

She was better once she realized we were headed to see her friends all dressed up at school too. :)

On to Halloween night...
We came back around to the black cat, and was finally super excited about it. :)

She did insist that I wear a costume too... so matchy matchy it was. She loved it, but was disappointed that I didn't have a tail. :)

We experienced our first REAL trick-or-treat in Sylacauga by going to the busiest neighborhood around. We couldn't have had any more fun! What a special memory! I'm pretty sure we can't go back to anything else. :)

It was a Happy Halloween indeed!

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