Sunday, May 21, 2017

So much to recap... but first,

I must stop in the whirlwind of this fast paced life to LOOK at my five and two year old for just a minute... because man, is this age so much fun.

So here are THREE THINGS.


1) This child LOVES the show Survivor (hence the seaweed immunity necklace :) and a show called Ninja-go. The later is my least favorite thing ever. lol He's officially karate chopping everything and everyone in sight, which causes a lot of brother sister chaos. hahaha

2) I can see an interest in reading arising! He wants to often know how to spell, write and identify sounds of words he sees. I think he is starting to realize the power of words and how much you can do once you unlock this knowledge. We are going to make it a priority to have quiet "reading" time everyday this summer (ME TOO!), and hopefully less Ninja-go. lol He is oh so ready for Kindergarten next year!

3) Despite the fact that he is a bit of a wild man, he surprises us quite often with how thoughtful he is of his sister. Getting her a juice after his baseball games if there is an extra, holding the door for her, etc... they may fuss, but ultimately he is SUCH a protector of all things Hylan Marie. :) An amazing big brother for sure. 


1) This girl's vocabulary and speech have taken off. Forget full sentences...she can basically tell you stories now. hahaha (Like the time she went to the ER after the fall on our playground (that one is told daily), or stories about "the waves get me" from our recent beach trip) She is a talker! She tends to really get going at bed time. Most of the time I have to get daddy to intervene. He has a special way of getting the kids to bed without them following him out of the room or waking up during the night. It's great, and everyone sleeps better! On occasion one or both will wake at night and come crawling into bed for some cuddles. I welcome it with open arms. :)

2) We have enjoyed our one-on-one time while Burke is away at school. I often have lots of errands and choirs to do that come along with the stay-at-home mom gig, but we always make sure to carve out time to play with "doll-dolls", read (fav. right now is the Pat-a-Cake Curious George book), or have a friend over to play.

3) Her sassiness is off the chart. She will use those eyes like no other! Age two is quite hilarious. In my opinion, it starts hard, and has spurts of seriously exhausting moments, but she is definitely turning a corner, where she is learning right from wrong (SLOWLY lol) and it's becoming SO.MUCH.FUN. 
Her "I fawee (sorry) mommy." melts me, and her sweet and polite "tat you." (thank you's) are priceless. I intend to take lots more video because I will always want to remember this sweet age!

Recaps of Mother's Day, Beach, Lake, and everyday life to come!

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