Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It's a GIRL!

So...this past weekend had been anticipated for.... well, since we found out my brother and Magan were expecting! FINALLY Sunday came and we were going to find out the gender of this sweet new family member!
That morning we headed to church, where Burke would help me set up for Sunday school.

I mean... this boy is growing so fast! 

And as we were leaving I tried to grab a few Sunday pictures, but.... #momfail.

We headed to Cullman, but not before a killer interview with my favorites. 
I mean... I wish the whole four minute video would load, but alas... you only get the first minute.
It's pretty funny too. :)

We ate lunch in the car and arrived right on time.

They had the cutest set up!

My sweet grandma!

And the most unique reveal idea!

They had these huge boards covered in chalk... and even a decoy that everyone thought meant "boy!"
Everyone threw water balloons at the chalkboards to uncover the words. On the board was one that stood out among the rest...

I'm getting a niece!

More pink and bows than the Bartlett's have seen in ages. :)

I do believe my brother is going to be wrapped around that tiny finger... because have you seen him with HM???

Now the countdown to September!
Can't wait to hold my sweet NIECE!

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