Thursday, May 4, 2017

Photo Every Hour

Ok, so I decided to document yesterday with a photo every hour. 
Was I successful?
Most of the time I remembered to take a picture after I had gotten in the car to go to the next destination or once things were "calm"... so this post is quite deceiving. :)
Also... I managed to pick a yucky rainy day to do this, so... no pretty photos here! 

I'll try again soon.

Meanwhile, this will do... because real life happens on rainy days too.

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(note... it was not 5 am when I took this picture... more like 5:30.)
Fixing my crews beverages for the morning, making Burke's snack for the day (you know... the one that I would end up forgetting to put in his backpack)... and diffused lemon and lavender to get us moving! 
I'm loving my diffuser water bottle that my mom got me last year! THIS ONE  is similar! Gives water an extra lift when it is fruit infused! This morning, I just added strawberries!

Quiet time: My friend, Laura let me borrow a new devotional called Treasuring Christ when your Hands are Full. I am loving it and the encouragement it gives this momma!

Everyone is up! Sister is potty training (kind-of)... basically we are trying to get back a positive relationship with the potty. lol
She had decided that she would "NOT" sit down on the potty ever. again. till she's 40.

Then a friend told me about The Potty Watch.
Get one if you have a little one potty training! 
It's helping a lot, and has positively encouraged her to try potty training again. As soon as school is out, we are going all in.

Dropping my sweet boy at school, before heading to barre'. (Where I would start forgetting to take pictures...)
He's so independent!

9am... or more like 9:30
Cleaning begins!
Thursday I do the floors because for 2 hours no one is here to step on them! :) I Dyson (AMAZING vacuum!) and then mop or swifter... depending on the business of the day. Today was busy, so I opted for the easier of the two.
Speaking of cleaning...
Does anyone else have a cleaning schedule??
I started a very small one awhile back, and am kind of addicted to how much better the house feels now that I'm on top of everything. YES, my house gets dirty... (I HAVE KIDS and we LIVE in our house), however I find that it never gets out of control, like it once did. 

I was still cleaning and took no pictures. #glamourous

Checked a few to-do's off the list... like putting photos in albums, responding to email, texts, etc.

Picked up this one!

She was happy to see me. :)

We went across the hall and danced in the mirrors for a few. :)

Then we had friends over for a quick lunch and playtime!
(I took no pictures! :/)

Napping like a champ.

While sister naps, B and I get our dessert on.
5 year old dessert vs. momma dessert... I think he learned that Airheads aren't the best ice cream topping.

This was found while going through folders and work... 
I mean. SO funny!

I took something away from it after reading.

1) I am so proud she thinks I cook tea the best. :)
2) Maybe we walk too much. lol
3) Sister loves her momma. #lovemygirl

Everyone in the car, with snacks, and soaking wet headed to auxiliary basics and conditioning practice.

We were drenched by the time we got to the gym... so this happened. hahaha

These girls practiced and worked hard!

Still at school... 

Getting home 1.5 hours past the time your thought you would be there (with kids in tow) called for Pizza Friday to be moved to Pizza Thursday. #mommaaintcookin'

Kids bathed and eating in front of the T.V. 
(Don't judge... I was pooped.)

Down time... 

where we learned that all Coleman's have a special talent. hahaha

That's my first shot at a photo an hour friends!

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