Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend + Beach = Perfection!

This Mother's Day couldn't have been more perfect. 

Mainly because of these two...

(and the fact that my husband cooked AND cleaned up breakfast ... so mamma got to curl her hair! The spa gift card I received was an added bonus!!!! #sweethubby This man goes above and beyond for me... and provides enough for me to stay at home with our sweet babies... for that, I am forever grateful and is the ultimate Mother's Day gift.)

I am beyond thankful God entrusted Ryan and me with these two little people. We absolutely do not deserve them... or anything else our Heavenly Father freely gives for that matter... I pray we raise them to love Him and others and let God lead their lives! I can't imagine my life without the purpose of raising our children. 
Can. Not. 
Being a mom is a full time job that never ever ends (and is exhausting at times!), but it's the best job I'll ever have. I only hope my children remember our days spent together. I'm sure they will be fuzzy, or they will run together with memories of school or playing at a friends house... but maybe, just maybe Burke will remember time spent on the playroom floor playing board games for the millionth time, or Hylan Marie remembering the feel of her mommas hair through her fingers as she drifts off to sleep.... if they don't, that's ok. It's enough for me to cherish them, and know that they knew they were loved and cared for as much as humanly possible.

Back to the days events...
We went to church, finished packing for the beach :) (sister was READY! :)

and headed to the lake to hang out with the family!

We even got to fit in a ride on the new pontoon boat Ree and PaPa purchased!
Lake life is so much fun with this sweet group!

Then the kids and I headed to the Gulf to meet my mom and Magan!
Magan and I gifted mom a girls' (and kids) only beach trip for Christmas last year. It was perfect... and God planned, seeing as how it was my mom's first Mother's Day without her mom on this earth. Unexpected blessing for sure... God is always there before we are, and I'm so glad this little trip could make some precious memories for my mom on such a tough day.

Burke fell asleep before we even reached the main highway.... sister however stayed up the WHOLE time! (Not what I had planned...) We apparently missed the window of her nap time.

As soon as we arrived, (we only stopped once, and it was for gas!), we left everything in the car and ran out to the beach.
The excitement on these little faces was nothing short of memorable!

Next up... picture overload!

We bought a few groceries... and mom made a breakfast/coffee run the first morning, so we only went out for diner twice! 
Once at LuLu's (my number one pick for a place to eat with entertainment for the kids!), and the second night The Crap Trap (also with a playground and SUPER yummy food!)

My brother joined us for meals and often in the afternoon at the beach! He always adds some fun and we are so glad the wind was affecting his fishing at his camp site, so he could join us! ha!

We stayed at my friend's beach condo. I love that she has a few toys for the kids to play with! We brought the puzzle to give something for Burke to do while sister napped. 

I wish you could zoom in to see this girl's face. hahaha... she knows how to cheese it up. :)

MJ matchy matchy coverups! We LOVE them!

and this suit. #swoon

Burke played in the water a ton! 

and both kids loved the sand. :) Magan and my day were made when sister sat still enough for us to make her a mermaid tail. hahaha #mylittlemermaid

The best castle we could get was a mini version. Apparently we need to work on our water to sand ratio to build a big version. haha

I thought this to be so odd.... Burke first wrote how old he was above his name after we finished pictures... like... upside down! Then proceeded to write other numbers in the sand correctly while he was above them. He must have his daddy's brain for sure!

While we were taking some evening pictures, Burke began collecting seaweed. lol
And found the perfect immunity necklace. :) #survivorobsessed

Note: we did not build this sand castle, although they liked to pretend they did. :)

These next pictures are my favorite!

They were screaming at the top of their lungs. The ocean was good competition. :)

I was trying to snap a few pictures on our way back in... this is when I realized the photo shoot was over. 

We headed home on Wednesday just in time to catch our church's summer blowout. 
Needless to say, they slept well in their own beds that night. 

What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

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