Thursday, June 1, 2017

The end of Pre-school and MMO

We now have a Kindergartener!

My, how time does fly. He has lost so much of that baby face.

and has gotten a lot goofier. 

I brought sister to MMO so we could focus solely on Burkeman this morning... she was happy to play with her friends on this rainy morning.

They had the sweetest little program.

Burke walked in VERY serious, but I was able to capture the cute little smirk as he walked by. :)

My sweet boy!

Candace and I attempted to get some photos of these two best of friends... and it went perfectly. lol

The next day, they had water day (and it was short lived because of the cooler weather and rain), and their little class party.

Sister joined in this time. :)

He had a great school year, and loved both his teachers so much!

He will be staying at our church preschool one more year. It was a hard decision, but in weighing the options and our family's needs for the next year, it makes the most sense. I know his K-5 teacher is already AMAZING, and the benefits of 1/2 day Kindergarten are numerous in our opinion! I am so looking forward to making those afternoon hours with my big-boy extra special. 

The next day was Hylan Marie's last day of MMO!

I could eat her with a spoon. 

Burke's last day was the day before, so we dropped HM off and ran a few errands before heading back to her party.

First off... filling up Libby. :)
Never to soon to raise a gentleman.

He was actually thrilled to pump the gas! (with assistance of course.)

Then we were second in line at Mr. Dustin's, which is rare now-a-days... as we always are peeking in to see a long line before us. :) We jumped on the chance to get our ears lowered this morning!


Then we headed to sister's party! Where the jumpy house was hoppin' and the snow cones overfloweth. lol


and sister had her share of sugar.

But mostly had a ball on Thomas.

Burke proclaimed that her party was more fun than his. hahaha... 
It was well done. :)

I'm so thankful for this sweet program, and the sweetest teachers that love her like she was their own.

We sure love where we live!

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