Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Easter 2017 (warning... picture overload)

Easter is hands down my FAVORITE holiday.
From the meaning to the candy... it's the best.

This year, a few friends and I decided that we would make Easter morning a little less rushed by snapping some pictures on Good Friday at Pursell Farms (an absolute picturesque venue!) We are so fortunate to have a sweet friend that invited us onto their lovely homescape. 

So we dressed them up, and went to snapping...

Can you even?! All that heirloom lace in one picture is absolute perfection!
Left to right- Margo, Camille, Mary Grace, and Hylan Marie

The pictures of my kids turned out good.. but the pictures with their friends were even better! (You will totally see what I mean in a few.)

(SO CUTE! ^^^)

My fav of this five year old. #swoon

And the fav. of HM

Gabby and Burke look so stinkin sweet!
The last Peter Pan collar was right on the money. I will miss these days. So glad I have pictures!

THIS... just cracked me up! Happens every time I say "put your arm around your sister"... he definitely hears "put a choke hold on your sister."

After pictures, we headed home for lunch, a playdate with Candace and Jack, then naps... it was a full morning!

Sister slept so long that we were late for our friends egg hunt at the lake. But they had fun despite the fact they missed the main event! 

The next morning we headed out to our church Easter Egg Hunt! I got smooches from my girl before we left. (Please stay little forever!)

Right before he went in for the choke hold...

Side note... Burke cried upon me laying out this pink shirt for him to wear (I'm surprised it wasn't over the sun-sans). It's only the second time he's worn it (the first was on Valentines Day), and he really got on me then... however, it was my ONLY coordinating option (because I failed to pick up his BB polo from a boutique I had it shipped to.) They looked SO cute, but it will be the end for that light pink button down. My deal to him (and his daddy), was let me have this one last Easter to make my boy dress like a "little boy."

It sure was fun while it lasted. #Pleasecomebacktomejohnjohns
Secretly hoping my brother and his wife have a little boy so I can relive that stage again!

Sister really got into the egg hunting business. :)
It also helped that there was 786,937,019 eggs to choose from. ha!

When the Easter bunny came out she froze, and wanted nothing more than to go see it.
I think it's quite frightening, but she did not show any fear.

Burke loved him too!
Crazy kids! I would have run the other way!

Little did they know that it was Lilly Kate dressed up. :) Burke did see her hair poking out in the back and told me that THIS wasn't the real Easter bunny. That it was just someone dressed up. :)

Wonder where all my kids eggs are???

Told you there was a lot of eggs. I believe he dumped his basket three times. #thatsalotofcandy, #itsbeendonated

We had walked, and daddy proved to be quite the stroller pusher...

 The rest of the day was spent peeping and baking for Sunday, and a lot of quality family time.

We put out carrots for the Easter bunny, and sister decided she needed a snack. :)
Burke was not happy. Mommy and daddy were. (Who likes carrots at 9pm???)

The next morning, Burke woke up first and was itching to look for his basket. So I let him wake up sister. 

The Easter bunny leaves notes and candy around the house... in a scavenger hunt form, and eventually led them to "Coleman Park" (more on that later!)

Nothing super big, just always something biblical, fun gift (Burke got the movie Trolls), something silly (pooping bunny anyone?), candy, and something useful (bubbles/chalk/fun bath soaps, etc.)

Then breakfast was served... French toast!

Note... the plate! Each of them had one of them in their baskets. They are The Fruits of the Spirt plates... and we will be collecting all of them! (Link HERE). 
It brings up great conversations at the table... just by setting the table with them. Burke is constantly asking for his, and a reason to tell me how he has shown "gentleness." It provides a visual and conversation.

Once ready, and despite the fact we took pictures on Friday, I requested a family shot (I'm sure Ryan wasn't surprised.:). And I'm so glad we did. Everyone is looking and smiling!

After our beautiful church service, of celebrating our Savior, 

we headed to the lake for Easter lunch with Ryan's family. I so hate we can't be in two places at once! :( I so missed my family and hunting Easter eggs in the lawn of my grandma and grandpa Bartlett's house.

However, we got to spend it with these loved ones, and I'm so grateful.

Ree and Papa had an Easter scavenger hunt too! It eventually led them to the pier to their Easter presents... new fishing rods!

Boat rides were had.

And everyone slept well that night. :)

Thank you Lord for Easter Sunday. It is indeed the greatest gift! To celebrate our Risen Savior and what our unearthly future holds is a gift we can never earn, but by grace we can receive. 
Titus 2:11

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