Saturday, April 29, 2017

Blogging changes!

Rewind to 2010...when I decided I wasn't made for scrap booking, and knew I wanted to find another way to document life,  keep family in the loop (we lived about four hours away from my family), keep track of our renovations, and eventually... document the milestones of our children, I started this little blog.

I have LOVED it.

I have loved getting feedback, suggestions and encouragement from people. Sharing with readers (mostly my family, ha!) the latest, and knowing that many of life's big moments make it to this place, in a form of a picture or my not so perfect way with words. When I look back, I not only can see how our family has grown and changed (two littles later!), but also how we have grown closer to God through our journey.

With that said, when I started in 2010, I saw that blogger linked my blog to Facebook, which is where most of my blogging "traffic" comes from... Not that I am upset about this, but just never found a way to unlink it, and didn't necessarily wanted my blog blasted all over everyones feed every time my child pooped in the potty. #reallife

Well... turns out, it was pretty easy to "unlink," and so this is the last post that will be in your Facebook feed (I feel I'm doing you a favor!) However, I would LOVE for any interested reader (mom... lol) to subscribe to my blog! I truly love your help and feedback. There are a couple ways to do it...

The easiest, is to look in the right sidebar, and sign-up for emails. You will get an email every time I have a new post.

My favorite is THIS app.

You simply download the app on your device, and add the blogs you want to follow!

Every time there is a new post, it shows up on your bloglovin app when you open it! I do this in the morning while I am lying in bed waking up for the day. It makes it so easy to follow my favorite bloggers and friends!

I hope you subscribe and keep the conversation going ... (and give me all the tips and tricks possible in the comment section. I need all the help I can get!)

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