Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend Recap + Matilda Jane Monday!!!

Did this weekend FLY by, or was it just me???

Friday (starts our weekend), and it was full of fun!

We started by loading Burke down with goodies to shower his sweet teacher with. They recently adopted a precious baby boy! God is so good!

The kids had a few fun surprises.

Inside the book, each child drew a picture of their new family of four, and answered some "baby questions"... like, "How do you change a diaper?" etc... as you can imagine, the answers were fantastic. :)

We also did this little project for the baby.

After drop off and our morning walk, sister and I did some errands (replacing my screen protector on my phone... and this is what she did while we waited :) 

and then got our pedi on. 
I let her pick the color out, and she fell for "Look at My Bow" from the Hello Kitty OPI line. 

She kept looking back while she was in the chair and saying "Butterfly!" with the biggest smile on her face! It was priceless! 

I put it on my toes too, and she loved that we were toe twinkes. :)

It was her first time in the "chair" and boy did she eat it up. She wanted her nails done too! How could I say no? However, Sunday night I took it off her finger nails because I saw her bite some polish off her nail! So obviously we will stick to just toes in the future. 

We closed out the day on the baseball field and brought our 5th Coleman along. ;) 

I'll take this one anyway of the week!

Dirt is good for them, right? MG said she would definitely leave a ring around the tub that night. hahaha

The next morning, we woke up bright and early to have a little neighborhood yard sale with the Segars and Jordans. :)

We had the best time!
 It was a gorgeous morning of chatting and watching the kids play and sell lemonade. :) We made some fun money for the upcoming beach trip too!

It needs to be an annual thing because, WOW our basement looks so much better now that all those unused items are gone! (Yard selling tip... ask if one of your local churches would like what doesn't sell. We only sold from 8-1... because NAP TIME!, and definitely had some good things left. However, we didn't want to keep them, so donate we did!) Now, don't get me wrong... I don't want to be giving those in need our "junk." Lots of good clothing and toys were donated, so it felt good, and like a win for everyone involved.  

That night was pretty low key... with games and cuddle time! Recouping from the morning for sure!

Sunday, we went to church, and later that afternoon, got a babysitter so Ryan and I could see our own Sylacauga Playhouse Production of the Miracle Worker. We knew a lot of people in the show, and didn't want to miss it, one being our pastor! It was beyond great. We are constantly amazed at the talent in this community!

Last, but not least, we had an evening drive to the farm. We returned a trailer and checked out the crop that was just planted. 

That was our weekend in a nutshell!

And today, Monday, is the new May release for Matilda Jane, and I'm hosting a show!
As soon as I saw the first sneak peek, I knew I had to be a Jane! 


Mommy matches!

Matilda Jane was an unexpected interest for me when I had a little girl... honestly I always LOVED smocked errrrthing. :)
But something is to be said for comfy, fun, cute and lasting clothing! I don't know what is so magical about their fabrics, but they wash INCREDIBLY well (like... to brand new), most items we wear 2+ years... or longer if you buy up a size or two (wear as a dress now and later as a top!), the resale value is amazing, and their motto "keep a girl, a little girl" is my fav. (Hello, tween line?! I will say yes to these tween clothes more than I ever will what is found in most department stores.... insert big eyed emoji.)

The promos are super fun! (I need this for the beach trips coming soon!!)

If you don't have a trunk keeper, use mine! Codie Davis. 
She is amazing!

And if you want to order, and don't have a show to support, I would love your help! 
All you do is register, and then enter my name, "Jessica Coleman," as a Jane upon checkout! If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask me for help!

And if you are having a show soon, let me know! I love to support my friends when I am shopping too.

The actual trunk will be at our house from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday! Please come play dress up with us if you are in the market for something cute from this precious line!

Have a wonderful week!

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