Thursday, April 13, 2017

And I shall call it... THE DAYS OF SICK.

There was no time for blogging... sister was sick, then I became sick, and now Ryan is sick. The only one to escape the flu in our household would be Burke. We hope this continues and he doesn't pull out any surprises as we get closer to Easter. 

Sadly, there was no Netflix or lying around in jammies for me, but sister got her share of Bubble Guppies and as much juice as she could keep down.

It all started last Saturday... when I didn't know she was sick and she wasn't showing symptoms yet...

(note... this is where we infected Huddy) Sorry bud.

(More on Burke's baseball in another post!)

Sunday, we went to church and watched our sweet children sing. There is not much better! 

Burke had a few lines, and because his momma thought the program was the following week (WRONG!!!) I neglected to make sure he practiced. Well, the night before Ryan ran over them with him maybe three times. The next morning, he stumbled into our bedroom around 6am and crawled into bed. I asked him to recite his line... and not kidding... the kid quoted it to perfection. "They did not understand, that God the Father, had sent Him for His own Salvation."Ryan and I died. If ONLY we had that memory! However, he froze on stage during the 9am service. :) I think he was trying to actually READ what his lines said instead of going from his memory. He did redeem himself at the 11am service. :)

Either way... it was so sweet. 

and so was sister. :)

However, even watching this video, I can see that she doesn't feel that good. 
It was confirmed after nap time...

On a few days, once Motrin kicked in, she acted herself! 

Sister helped us prep for egg dying!
(Yes, I bake my Easter eggs! Thanks Pinterest!)

But poor baby couldn't hang long...

Somehow this boy managed to steer clear of the sickness (aka- the flu. Yup.)

We had a bad weather day, (that actually turned out to be a good weather day!), and so we took a family trip out to the farm, where we found a buck had left us one of his sheddings!

Later, that week we ventured to baseball (where sister insists she dress the part)

Magnolia's (where all the bunnies are well fed.)

and rested... a lot! Because you're truly then went down. :( 
However, no rest for the weary... and no room on the couch. :)

By the weekend, we were all feeling like we turned a corner and headed to A-day!

Mom and Mrs. Joy came along!

Where PaPa bought Burke a slushy ...

and sister reacted like this because she wanted her own.
But it was nap time and I knew that the sugar would keep her up (mean momma).

That night, we rented Trolls, and cuddled up in our room to watch.
Perfect Saturday night!

Sunday, this one was still recouping and really tired, so she and I (the ones that tested positive out of the group) stayed back from church.

But by Monday, this baby was completely herself again! 
So thankful for good health. It truly makes me hurt for those that have children who have something much more serious to fight on the daily. So many prayers for those parents. 

However, the bug decided to come back on this momma with a vengeance as of Wednesday, and so my good friend, Vaughan, ran me some samples of her oils... and I was sold. I even just bought a diffuser for my car! 
Click on the picture if you're interested in buying one too!

I can not say enough good things about it! It has made me feel better and my car smell amazing.

Of course I then bought the starter kit from Young Living Essential Oils. 

I consider this to be a healthily purchase for the family. :)
If you are interested in the starter kit, let me know! I can hook you up!

I am such a newbie when it comes to this so far, so if you have some combinations that you LOVE, shoot them to me or leave in the comments! I would love to try them out! Meanwhile, this is a pin I found on Pinterest that has helped me so far! (and the link attached to picture is helpful too!)

So cheers to feeling better!

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