Thursday, March 30, 2017

What's Up Wednesday ... on a Thursday.

I have fallen behind in the blogging department lately (not enough hours in the day!) and figured this little post would be a great way to catch up! Thanks to the ladies at these blogs for creating a great link up... I'm just sorry I'm a day late. #suchismylife

-What we are eating this week-
Does SweetTart jelly beans and mini Cadbury eggs count?

I kid...


However, my neighbors chicken salad counts...

Seriously, we have the sweetest neighbors and friends. I mean, who brings you food just because you were coming in from out of town and they knew you didn't cook... chicken salad and Bubble Guppies for the win, and before unpacking one suitcase. 

-What I'm reminiscing about-

The slow days of January, February and March.
Even tough I'm NOT a fan of the cold months, they bring a halt to the holiday hustle and bustle. No rush cuddles after nap time and nowhere to be every evening during the week is wonderful.

However, it's mixed emotions because there is not much cuter than a little boy in a baseball uniform. :)

Lots of afternoon activities will be popping up next week, including auxiliary conditioning and baseball games instead of practice! We have already seen lots of improvement from Burke since last year. This should be a fun season.

-What I'm loving-
Spring days!

Warm nights fishing on the pier...

playground for days

yard work... I kind of like it when I have cute helpers. :)

Shorts and bubble outfits


-What we've been up to-
Yesterday, we got back from a short trip to see friends in Atlanta. Can you believe we all knew each other before kids?! 10 little ones later.... (and that's not even everybody!)

Catherine was the sweetest host!

It was SO great to catch up, see our kids play, and go to Ikea. :)

We even made a stop by our old house and the duck pond that Burke and I used to visit on the daily. That's one spot I miss for sure! (p.s Not the house. ;)

-What I'm dreading-
Painting the kids room... ugh.

-What I'm working on-
(Sister checking out the possibilities. :)

There is stuff for the auxiliary groups I'm hashing out, baton lessons, Burke's party (yes, a month late), and projects around the house to name a few. 

Doing some last little changes to our bedroom, and then I will be documenting the kids room remodel once it's completed. (Which may be awhile.)

-What I'm excited about-

I can't wait for the fun trips in May and June!

-What I'm watching/reading-
Besides children's books and my bible study, that's about it in the reading department! Unless you count reading my friends blogs. :)

Survivor just started back up, so our family is tuning into that.
Burke apparently told his buddy Jack that his daddy was on Survivor. That kid. :)

-What I'm listening to-
Whatever is on when I hop in the car. Seriously... I'm the least picky music person ever. I love it all!

Alexa (which if you don't have her... here's the link on Amazon. She's awesome!) is playing music from Beauty and the Beast, and Deep and Wide a lot. :)

-What I'm wearing-
I live in work out clothes... for the most part. 
I'll do a favorite things post soon on my go to's!

-What I'm doing this weekend-
 Friday: AU majorette tryouts! Whoohoo! 
We have two awesome girls trying out at Auburn . I can't wait to support them! They are going to rock it!

Saturday: Opening day of baseball and Burke plays at 4:30. I can't wait!

Sunday: We will be going to church and then are planning to hit tennis and will be starting my work on the flower committee at church. I'm not very good at arrangements, so hopefully those receiving will appreciate the thought. ha!

-What I'm looking forward to next month-
Everything from A-day in Auburn, to going to see the Phantom of the Opera, to watching some more majorette auditions! 
Dying Easter eggs, Burke's party, more baseball... and
Of course the most anticipated is Easter Sunday!

Look at these kids only one year ago!

Goodness, they change so fast.

-What else is new-

Sister is talking so much more... she says some of the funniest things! She has got the story about falling off the slide and going to the "doctor" down pat, along with hand motions for exaggeration. It's hilarious.
And Burke too might I add is right up there. Just today, in the car, he wanted to "splain" (explain) "sompin" to me... and told me to "please not interrupt"... because apparently I don't give him enough time to talk... if you know my kid. He can talk. (We are working on bringing this down a notch... meanwhile, bear with us. Work in progress. :)

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