Wednesday, March 22, 2017

At least we rode the carousel.

I just can't sing enough praises for modern conveniences like... vacuums, microwaves, ...the little button on my remote that starts the car in the summer to cool it down and in the winter to heat it up. BUT, the VERY BEST, top of the pyramid modern convenice HAS to be online shopping. 

Maybe my kids are so stunned by the fact that they are out in public, that they just freak out when forced to enter a mall.

Or maybe I haven't exposed them to enough modern technology... (you know... escalators, elevators, and the automatic doors at Target).

OR MAYBE... they are just five and two and are perfectly normal. :)

So... after a VERY SHORT trip to the mall (with very minimal luck because ... either HM wants to run like mad from you, and poor Burke chases her in hopes of "not whoosing her"... which only makes it worse because she thinks it's even more fun when someone chases her... or my adorable children like to hide in clothes racks, and it scares me to death that I can't see their whole body at one glance.) I came home, and once the kids went to sleep for the night... filled my cart on Nordstrom with some cuteness x 8.

You know whats great about Nordstrom??? No hassle returns, free shipping, and FREE returns in store or online. Yep... best modern conveninece.

I will try on all these at home and SHIP BACK seven of them (promise Ryan). :)

One of these will be sported Easter Sunday!
Links here... from left to right... 

2. Ruffle one-should dress (the orange just screamed AU... not for Easter. :)
4. A-line tank midi dress (this one has pockets, and an awesome price! Hoping this is "the one.")

I may not have had a successful visit to the mall, but these two met their goal of hitting up every escalator in sight, riding the carousel, providing great birth control to the group of teens watching us, and making momma celebrate the fact that shopping in the comfort of my own home awaits.

Sorry for the terrible picture, but someone was probably falling off their carousel animal because they didn't want to wear the "seatbelt."

Happy shopping... (in your jammies!)

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