Monday, March 20, 2017

St. Patrick's Day, Weekend Recap and Taxes

Those go hand in hand, right? Pot of gold... taxes. Yeah right.

Friday... (because I'm a believer Friday is the first day of the weekend) we made sure we had our green on and momma threw in a little bit of fun. The elementary teacher in me comes out every time. Being festive is my jam. I didn't take a picture of how the leprechaun left our house... but it looks much like last years. He always comes in through the window, leaves shamrock footprints, goes potty (Burke gets the biggest kick out of the green water. #boys), and leaves a little fun surprise.

This year, he left a note explaining that he left the kids coins from his pot of gold all throughout the house... but they had to find them! Burke had so much fun. The best part was when he would discover the chocolate pieces of gold intend of the "real gold coins." He would shout, "That Leprechaun tried to trick me again!":)

Special rainbow breakfast for my littles... complete with the ultra healthy Lucky Charms and green milk. :) At least the fruit balanced it out, right? ;)

No pinching for these two!

The next day, Ryan's awesome firm volunteered to help with the farmhouse (that was damaged terribly during a storm two weeks ago). They were so much help!
 So once he got back that evening, we got ready and headed out for a bite to eat at Harvey's. 

Funny story... Burke has recently taken an interest in picking out some of his clothes. He saw this one at Buttons and Bows last week, and had to have it because it had bicycles on it. So hipster. :)

Dessert was her favorite part. :)

The next day... Sunday!

(We may have worn the same thing to church... I mean, if you are a kid, wear something less than two hours, and somehow magically refrain from spilling anything on yourself... it's a miracle and you celebrate by allowing your momma to not have to do extra laundry. Amen?)

Plus we needed to dress down for the day... we would not be coming home till late that night, because it was TAX day in Cullman for us. :/

Fortunately, that was the most fun tax day- EVER.

 We had to leave right after church to get the kids to my parents in time for us to get to our appointment, that was another hour away... but church ended early, and we got to our lunch destination in Birmingham before they opened! Ryan wanted us to try hot chicken at Hattie B's and

That was a first for me, and it won't be my last.

The mac&cheese (not shown) was to die for.
Ryan and I split a chicken a waffle plate and the kids split a kids meal. It was perfect!

We got to my parents house in plenty of time to visit with my grandparents for a bit and check out my dad's latest toy. :)

Then...  said our goodbyes to the kiddos for the night (they would be staying the night and return to us the next day) and headed to everyones favorite spring activity- TAXES.
It's a good thing we LOVE our accountant. Seriously sweetest lady ever!

Heading through Bham we decided to have an impromptu date night and see Ryan's favorite movie- Beauty and the Beast. :) 
It was soooo good. Highly recommend!

We got home around 9:30 and I watched an episode of This is Us. (TEARS!) I only have the finale left and I will be all caught up. If you are not watching this one... you need to start asap. So good!

I was able to do a few things on my to-do list before picking up the kiddos in Birmingham today. It was a great weekend, even if we had to do adult things, like taxes.

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