Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ethel May

Last Monday my precious grandma passed away, and ran straight into the arms of Jesus. 
She was 93, and passed away surrounded by my grandfather and some of her loving children... my mom being one of them. She was so very loved and had the whole family gathered together to honor her life this past Friday.

From left to right: My mom, Aunt Kathie, Uncle Glenn, grandpa, Uncle Dale, Aunt Sharon, and Uncle Bruce

And some pictures from back in the day... I just think she was gorgeous! 

I see so much of my mom in this picture. ^

And can we talk about her amazing sense of style!?! Look at those shoes and that gorgeous ruffle collar.
Funny little details come to mind when thinking back on my childhood memories spent at her house... like the fact that she loved potato chips and would always look for the ones that were rolled over because you got more chip in one bite. :) I kind of giggled to myself when I realized Hylan Marie's snack of choice (during the service... sorry for the crunching... but at least she wasn't squealing or screaming right?) was Lay's potato chips. You better believe I looked for her favorite ones in the bag to give HM (sorry... those rolled over ones make the most noise).
Or that she always had a sweet for dessert... most of the time her signature cookies were ready and waiting on us in the cookie jar. A lot of the time a pecan pie (she made the best!), banana pudding, or cake was also in the "back"...(the second kitchen where the best foods go to hide. :)
Her love for quilting and sewing, and the fact that she taught me the nifty little sewing trick of how to tie a knot in your thread using your thumb and pointer finger... it's kind of the only sewing tidbit I am able to do well. :)
The fact that if ever she drove, it was rare because grandpa was usually behind the wheel, That she drove with both feet and it was the most lurching car ride you have ever had. Lol
Our simple lunches of cheese or peanut butter and crackers (with whoop cheese) will forever be etched in my mind.

But mostly, I will always remember her sweet hugs, and look in her eyes that I could do no wrong.  Spoken like a true grandchild, right? :) I truly can't wait to hold her sweet hand again one day.

I love you grandma, and will see you again soon. 

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