Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekend Recap- I WASN'T PREPARED edition

I absolutely can not go in chronological order with the weekend recap... because THIS.

You are seeing this correctly... we debunked Burke's bunk beds and sister now looks WAY to big for my liking in her own bed!

Why did we do this to ourselves, you ask? (I mean... I'm pretty sure somewhere along the blogging lines I mentioned she would be in her crib until she's 12.) I remember we changed Burke from a crib to his bunk bed when we moved (and I was pregnant with Hylan Marie... WHAT WAS I THINKING?) We did it because he was two, we were told it's what you were "supposed" to do, and planning to decorate a new bedroom would take a different route if it had a crib... vs. bunk beds. (Little did we know that I would soon become pregnant with Hylan Marie and both would be sharing this space. :) 

So, I knew going into baby #2 that we would stick out the crib sleeping as long as possible! I mean... it's baby jail! They can't escape the nice, comfy, haven of their OWN bed. Plus, sister was the type that went straight to sleep without fussing one bit when it came to nap time. 

Things changed... quickly. (Why do kids prove you wrong... like... all the time?)

Since Valentine's Day night, she absolutely, positively, would NOT sleep in her crib (what a present, right???). Even for naps! I basically stress ate in the kitchen for four days while she screamed trying to figure out what to do.
She slept with us me for two nights (Ryan's not big on the family sleepovers, ha!) and then we put her in the bed with Burke for two nights... it kind of worked, but Burke wasn't getting good rest because sister likes to wake up in the middle of the night and cry/call out... weirdest thing ever... it's like an intermission... almost every night. lol


On a whim Saturday afternoon, we decided to debunk the beds.
I lost it when I had to untie all the pretty little bows that held her bedding on. 
They didn't think it was too bad though. :)

They obviously lightened the mood. :)
I just can't think about it too much, or #allthetears!

So much attention on sister, and I hear..."take my picture, momma!"
Sweet boy was excited for the bed change too!

The first night was pretty terrible... but I think it's because she was having leg aches (more on that later... if I ever get around to posting her 2 year post! Ahh!). 
Last night was great! She slept all night, but woke up early (for her).
 Then tonight, I had majorette clinic from 6-8, and somehow Ryan worked his baby magic and got her to go to sleep by herself in her own bed! They were going to sleep as I walking in the door!

I'm hoping the good sleeping sticks around... like everything in toddlerhood, you have to go with the flow and do what works best in that particular situation. I'm sure we will backslide, but I know middle of the night baby visitors will not crawl into our bed forever. I will for sure miss those sweet cuddles.

As for room decor... ugh... it's a hot mess right now... especially since I have other things to focus my attention on besides scanning the internet for bedding and room ideas. Majorette and Color Guard Auditions are this week and next, AND Burke turns 5 next week (with his party on Saturday!... #majorcrafting.
 So if you have any suggestions for boy/girl bedding send it my way! I can't wait to get on top of it after mid March!

So a bit more of the weekend... lots of baton lessons were given and Ryan had basketball practice... it kind of felt like we played tag team a lot, but we did get in some family of four time in for a little bit!

(Burke sending out his invites. :) More on the party, later!

We went to church and this is the best photo I got. :)

I LOVE Mary & Grace clothing line! Swoon!

Our buddy Payne turned 9! If you can't tell, my kids love him. :) Such a sweet, kind, and adorable little boy! 

Lunch in the living room... sister could eat Chicken Salad Chick everyday. I just gave her the "end." and she loved eating out of the bowl. lol

Lots of other "normal" went on... grocery shopping, out to eat, pedi (wayyy over due for that one!), walks with friends, organizing...playing, cooking, cleaning (not so fond of some of those :). 

I won't lie... I could have skipped the whole "sister is moving to a big girl bed" thing, but she was ready, and I'm so glad she's loving it.

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