Monday, March 13, 2017


Both my kids birthday's flew past me. I was going to do a combination post, but then it got so long that I stopped wanting to read. haha. So... all about Burke on this Monday!


On your birthday, we celebrated.
You wanted your day started with chocolate (Tastycake?!) doughnuts and candles.
Your wish was my command.

You woke up first and I heard you squeal with you found your shirt. :) 
Thank you Beth for making it at 11pm the night before! ha!

You weighed in.... at a whopping 35lbs.

It was hat day at school and you got to wear a birthday hat!

Cupcakes went to school...

 And your buddy, Jack got to come home with you. :) We had pizza and played outside on that beautiful Thursday.

 You ended the day watching daddy play basketball. :)

You had a fun day, and as soon as we can, we plan to have a Rescue bot playdate with friends one afternoon since we canceled your bday party!

Now... all about you...

At age five...
-You tell me you love me, every. single. day. Not just the "i love you," but combined with big melt your heart hugs, kisses, and cuddles. And Friday, you blew kisses at me as I was pulling up in the carpool line. I'll understand that you have to stop this at some point, but just don't let it be anytime soon, k?

-You are obsessed with Rescuebots.

- You weigh 35 lbs and are 3'6'' inches tall. We go to your well visit later this month, but that's what I measured at home.

- You are a sweets eater, like me. I often find a stool pulled to the counter and the cookie jar lid removed when I'm not looking.

- You have a killer memory. No one can tell you something and not follow through on it. :)

- You talk.... a lot. hahaha. When you are really excited and going strong, you are even speaking when you inhale. It's hilarious.

-You LOVE games. From freeze tag, to Monopoly Jr., we play every day. You hate to lose, but if you do, you HAVE to finish. This I love... I hope it translates to life.

-You love to work with your hands, and build things. I see you have a mind like your daddy already. I am in awe everyday at your ability to make the most awesome things from the magnetic tiles on the daily.

- You like to draw, and it's so fun to see what your thinking through your artwork.

- You and Jack Friday are the best of friends. That friendship is so stinkin sweet! "I just LOVE him, momma." is what you told me yesterday. You didn't want him to leave the house after our lunch playdate.

- You love helping daddy on the "job site." Whether it be outside our house shoveling mulch or visiting his latest project, I truly believe you may be destined for the design or building world one day. You love for tools, taking things apart, building, creating... is evident.

- You hate surprises. If I tell you I have a surprise, you will absolutely drive me batty, and most likely cry. Lesson learned.

-Nicknames for you include, Burkaroni (given to you by the Tumblebus teacher, Mr. Dan... you love him.), Burkeman, and Brother.

-You love your sister. I have adored seeing you grow into the big brother roll. OF COURSE there are moments when she destroys something you built and you want to disown her, but you watch out for her in the most protective of ways, and you make sure it is known to all those who are unfamiliar... that SHE is YOUR sister. :) It is always pronounced at the Chick-fil-a playgrounds or any other place where there are unfamiliar kids.

- You make friends at the drop of a hat. You make others feel welcome, find something in common, or just like to invite others into your world. Not a shy bone in your body. I could learn a lot from you.

-You still fit in our double stroller, "Bob," and we often walk to school. I dread the day I actually HAVE to get in a car and drive you/wait in a carpool line. Those 15 minutes in the stroller are so peaceful and the best way to start our morning... thoughtful questions come out of your mouth, great discussions are had, and prayers for others, the school day, and anything else that we are facing is often lifted up in those 15 minutes. Precious minutes that mean a lot to me...

Burke, you are so loved. Geez... I get emotional thinking about how much we love you. Your dad and I often just look at each other and say... "He is such a GOOD boy." We don't deserve you, but are so thankful God chose us to be your parents. Our prayer is that you are a "planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified" (Isaiah 61:3) and oh, how you are living that out! 

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