Sunday, February 5, 2017

Weekend Recap- minus one Coleman

This weekend went by so fast! Mainly because it was jam packed!

Friday, after picking up B from school, (where it was dino-day!)

we headed for lunch at Chickfila, a few errands, and then to Children's for sisters appointment. As mentioned before, we had some false thyroid test results, but just to make sure things were good, we had this six month follow-up appointment (that I knew would include bloodwork. ick.) Of course, I packed #allthethings to make our visit more pleasant.

Some crayons, and hearts to decorate and give out and gummies (for everyone-lol). I found through our last visit that it goes MUCH smoother if you put the emphasis on others while you are there, instead of yourself. The smiles from the kids getting a pack of gummies and a semi-colored heart kind of made our day. Making Jesus real in these little hearts is so important!

The specialist we saw, decided to take an additional test (basically one that takes an average of all her different hormone levels.) It has to be sent to California, so we will not hear back for another week. If the results are normal (and the other tests that were taken and her bone age x-ray are average as well) they will leave this petite thing alone. :) If they aren't, well, we will be visiting again the following week or so to discuss what's holding up her growth. Please pray along with us that everything is just fine and she is just destined to be on the top of the cheerleading pyramid. ;)

After an hour and half at Children's and traffic, it was time to eat again. :)
We stopped for pizza and y'all, I didn't even eat one piece! The kids ate all but 2 little slices! They were hungry and the pizza was good!

 Saturday morning...

Does it get any sweeter?^^^

 After breakfast, the kids were playing so well together (rarity- lol) I got in an organizing mood and emptied out the junk drawer and ... oh does it feel better!

THIS is the organizer you see in the picture above that I bought from Amazon two years ago, and it's still going strong! It got me on a random kick to organize my snacks...

(^ This picture makes me look forward to my mornings!#thatselection... #yum!)
Chocolate Chip Lara Bars and init Bars (specifically the dark chocolate almond and chocolate cherry bars are my FAVORITE to drink with hot tea in the a.m.)

Other things were emptied and purged this weekend, but I have quite a few places left to organize (who doesn't???), but slow and steady wins the race, right? :)

Burke and I played cards (and folded laundry) for a lot of the morning too (as in, before sister was up). This boy is as game playing as it gets!  I taught him War, and he loves it... unless he loses... then he cries. lol

We finished up our family Valentines... I think they turned out so cute!

And then sister and I got ready for a baby shower. I love that she will be my buddy on these girl outings!

Daddy helped get her dressed... and then wouldn't let me capture a picture of his work (as in... he put her collared shirt on backwards.... y'all I'm talking buttons up the front, to her chin! lol Sister even came up to me whining... "momma, momma!")

(p.s. Don't mind the couch cushions... they stay on the floor when we are in movie mode on Friday nights and lazy Saturday mornings. :)

We arrived at the shower and sister kind of had a sugar overload. :)

Nanna then met us afterwards and took Hylan Marie to their house for the rest of the weekend!
I've been getting updates... by the sounds of it, she will not want to return home. :) However, I miss her terribly, so I'm super ready! Being minus a family member is tough! I will say that I got a lot of cleaning and organizing done that has been on the to-do list for awhile... 

I even made Burke get in on the action. :)

My favorite chore for him is cleaning baseboards with wipes. hahaha (I hate I'm sure being lower to the ground just gives me all the more reason to ask him to aide in this task. :)

He also got Optimus Prime (the nickname for our new... and AHHMAZING vacuum) out. 
This is the one we have... and LOVE! Seriously, life changing. No more 60$ vacuums that last six months, and emit dust particles into the air. I'm done.
My friend, and neighbor, let me borrow hers (after mine literally blew up in my face one day) and I was completely spoiled and new I couldn't go back to what I had previously!
Plus, Burke loves changing the attachments and "helping."

 Future wife... you're welcome.

The rest of the weekend was baton lessons, church, birthday lunch with friends, the boys played basketball, and then we relaxed at home and watched the Superbowl. 

It was a great one, but I can't wait to get my hands on little bit soon!
Have a wonderful week!

May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with the hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. ~Romans 15:13

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