Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hello February!

Ahhh! Finally! 
February 1st!

I don't want to tell you how long our house has been Valentine's Day ready. :)
I could only deal with the lack of holiday decorations for so long. Anybody else feel like their house is super boring after Christmas?  Ryan asked me if we are always celebrating something... the answer is yes. Always yes. :)

I don't go super crazy with Valentine decor... just touches here and there.

(That glass heart bowl ^^^ was full of M&M's only a few days ago. Whoops....)

I have these Valentine photos up from sister's newborn shoot... Gah... I just LOVE them.
Meredeth Rowlen Photography  hit it out of the park two years ago. I am so thankful for this preciousness! 

We made Love Bugs and put them front and center on the cookie jar. :)
Burke did everything on his but cut the hearts out for the wings. 
Both of my kids LOVE painting their hands to make things. :)

And of course... window clings! Mom gave us a huge set and the kids had so much fun making the play room festive. 

And we started our Valentine count down for the sweeties
(picture from last February 1st!... but the countdown looks the same! Not the kiddos... tear.)

And tonight Joy and I supported our friend Odessa by buying her fabric wreath kit and making a little happy for our doors! She precut ALL the fabric, gave us the heart shaped wreath, and directions since we couldn't make her crafting party downtown tomorrow! Only 15$ and my door looks so festive! Thanks Odessa!

Joy's ^^^

Jessica's :/

Let's just say mine was a Pinterest fail next to my neighbors! lol
I will say, that I had a two year old in my lap most of the time and I gave Joy all the blush pink tulle... #goodfriendssacrifice ;)

And today we got to carry our February festiveness out the door! 

I made the shirts! I'm getting better... I just need to invest in a heat press and I will feel more confident in my work.

We ready, especially this one and that grin. 

We have also got our class Valentines under wraps!
About a week ago Momfessionals posted the cutest (and free!) printables. (She is quite awesome!)
I let Burke look them over and choose his favorite. This was his pick!

All you do is save the image and print at Walgreens! Amazon delivered our candy legos in the mail (because... Amazon does everything but fixes dinner at this house ;)) 
Burke is super pumped about putting them together for his classmates this weekend.

I was going to attempt to make Hylan Marie's using the silhouette... but once I realized how much easier and less consuming it would be to make them using Momfessionals method, I threw in the towel and picked another one of her cute designs! 

In other Valentine's PSA's...
If you are like us, and give your little a Valentine on the 14th, I have some ideas for you!

1) Mailboxes!

I grabbed these at our local dollar store for (of course) 1$ each! I have a feeling they will love playing with them and getting "mail" from mom, dad, or each other on the daily. Plus, how fun and easy will it be to stuff these things! (You know my love for stockings at Christmas... and this totally imitates that.) :)

I had never seen these before!
We found them at our local pharmacy, but they are an add on item right now on Amazon! So just throw one in your cart and watch your kids be amazed... really. (And NO mess... it uses water, dries in minutes, and is ready to "color" again!) I will be throwing these in my bag when we go to #allthe quietplaces

I had only bought one (for sister when we went to get meds for her ear infection) and they fought over it so much that we were back the next day buying the exact same one for Burke! ha!

 3) If you have a bubble loving little boy or girl...

Get these!


Ree got Burke the Star Wars set for a little happy this week, and the boy couldn't be more excited to hop in the tub. lol

This Star War's set is sold out. :/

Seriously... they are so stinkin' cute!

Burke got a small set that is similar to the ones above as a present two Christmas's ago from our friend Amy, and boy has he played with them! Probably one of the most played with toys in the house!

I do believe this boy is very creative and innovative... just like his daddy! You should see the million different things he builds using only this set!

There! I hope this helps get your Love month off to an easy start!
Happy February!

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