Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekend Recap

This weekend was super odd.
One minute we were having a ball at McWane...

Mom came along for the fun!

And enjoying delicious food at The California Pizza Kitchen...

(Where we sat across from the AU gymnastics team!)

And the next, we were (yet again) curled up on the couch praying meds would kick in for our sweet girl.

Poor thing woke up Sunday with drainage from her right ear. I needed to go to church because I was teaching Sunday School, so Ryan stayed back with sister (and a plumber ... yeah... nothing like water pouring from the ceiling in the basement to make for a fun time.) and Burke and I headed to church! It was Discovery Weekend, and it was SO awesome seeing all those young people getting so excited about what Jesus is doing in their lives! I look forward to seeing Burke and Hylan Marie participate one day.

When we got back from church, sister was not doing any better. I called our pediatrician and they told me she would most likely need an antibiotic to get rid of the infection. :( So off to urgent care we went because I'm all about getting to sleep on a dose of Amoxilicilin. 

Later that night, sister and I sported our cotton balls in our ears and watched the end of the Miss Universe pageant. :)

Daddy became interested upon hearing Boys II Men. :)

He keeps us laughing for sure. Love him!

Hope everyone has a good (and sick free) week!

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