Friday, January 27, 2017

Oh... just another blogcation.

Once in awhile I go through a blogging rut. Maybe it's because December is nothing but go.go.go... and January forces you inside because of the cold (USUALLY... were the warm temps there for a while not so nice!) has a slower and recuperating way about itself. Not to mention, the kids were sick (basically all last weekend through Tuesday last week) , and then Ryan and I were passed the cold (and me an ear infection... yuck!) So this week... staying up late hasn't been an option.

But here are the good times that have been had! And excuse the random, all over the place topics... I'm paying for not blogging consistently.

The day after the sickness ceased, I captured this sweetness! I mean... #allthehearteyes x 10.
I still can't thank Shanda enough for all these GORGEOUS hand knit cardigans! We have every color imaginable and I drool every time I put them on her!

Tuesday's are my special 45 minute Burke time... his favorite way to talk is over ice cream... so that's what we do on Tuesdays. :)

We kept baby Alex last Friday! Look at that huge smile! 

We made some Valentine crafts! (V-day post coming soon!... you know I've had my decor up for two weeks, right?)

On Saturday we made muffins...
(love my little helper!)

What he doesn't know is that I sneak in a zucchini to the batter :) #trickymomma

#Saturdaymorningvibes :)
And why yes... that is a Thomas the Train pull-up. hahaha... She went tee-tee and poo-poo in the potty last week, so we decided to start the potty training process. I had a whole box left over from Burke, and well... sister can deal. :) (You should know, as soon as I got sick we aborted mission. We will hop back on that once things are back to normal.)

Later we headed to Morris's birthday brunch! It was ADORABLE as always.

Everyone came in their PJ's!

Sister has never been happier about a waffle on a stick. :)

***I'm pretty sure I didn't take another picture for almost a week after this. hahaha

That same night, Ryan and Burke went to the AL vs. AU basketball game (which was awesome!) Burke and Cade both "caught" a shirt and it made their night... along with the win. :)

Sister and I got our girl time on, and made a trip to Verizon where I upgraded my phone! 
Yay for tiny phone (SE) in rose gold. swoon!

This Monday we had our first visit to our new pediatrician's office! We loved the facility and our experience.

However, like everyone else, they are taken back at how teeny sister is for her age.... they made her drop #allthecuteness and get naked on the infant scale. lol

Where she would prove to be 19.1 lbs. 
I believe this girl is completely healthy (except for this cough and runny nose she is sticking with currently. :) however, she has a follow-up at Children's to check her thyroid levels and they want to test for Celiac Disease and her bone age (by taking an x-ray of her hand).... honestly all because her weight. She has NEVER been on the growth chart in weight... since birth! Bless her... no one want s to accept the fact she may just be petite. I can assure you what she lacks in stature, she makes up for in personality. :)
The last Children's appointment went wonderfully... her levels were perfect and she seriously giggled while they were taking her blood. (I am dead serious.) So I pray everything goes as well this time. Prayers appreciated! 

Sometime around Monday night the kid's cold from the last week hit Ryan and I ... and I was dying with ear pain by midnight. Is that not the worst pain in the world? I mean... nothing will make it go away! Fortunately, the Lord already knew I couldn't handle much more and sent Shireen passing through Sylacauga at my exact breaking point the next day so I could run to urgent care and get some meds! Praise the Lord!

By that evening I was feeling better!

The next day, sister and I had to run to Walmart and I decided to take her by the little girl underwear.

She fell in love with the princess panties and minnie mouse... so we got both. :)

She's worn them around the house a few times, but since I have been under the weather, we are holding off till next week to really put them to use. :)

And here are some more random happenings over the week...
I love what Burke says at the beginning of the video. lol #ifeellikeimanacho

 This girl loves a snowman, and wanted her picture taken. :)
She is constantly wanting Alexa to play Let it Go (and it may be driving me slightly batty)

She is also totally into tea parties since her birthday. We have one almost every day that Burke is at school.... and I melt every time. She loves pouring the "tea" and having doll-doll join us. 
Cutest thing EVER.

More coming (and hopefully more frequently) soon!

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