Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Weekend Recap and Delish Blueberry Breakfast Casserole

We sent our old man off to his 100th day of school! :)

They were asked to dress like they were 100 years old. It was fantastic.

He wasn't all that excited about dressing up to start with, but he got into it after he put on his suspenders. lol

After naps, the weather was so nice we joined our neighborhood gang a the Ernest house (for the second day in a row!) for a little backyard bouncy house fun. We LOVE our neighbors!

However, somewhere in between this picture and the next morning, both kids had come down with something... think constant coughing, runny noses, and sister had a temperature... ALL weekend. BUT daddy did hunt and shot a big one! So we had to go out and see it for ourselves. :)

Sunday, we didn't get to go to church because... #sickkidstatus, but I made this Blueberry Breakfast casserole (that I'm in love with) and sausage balls for a Sunday School group that mentors our young families class at church.

Even though we didn't eat it this particular morning, it reminded me how much I LOVE the ease, the smell, and mostly the yummy taste of it!

 I have to share.

Blueberry Breakfast Casserole
-1 French Bread Loaf
-1.5 cup fresh or frozen blueberries
-8 large eggs
-2 1/4 cup whole milk
-1/2 tsp. cinnamon
-1 Tbsp. vanilla
-3/4 cup light brown sugar

1/3 brown sugar
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/3 cup flour (all purpose)
6 tsp. butter

Grease 9X13 (or larger... larger is better!)

Slice bread into cubes.
Spread in pan and top evenly with blueberries
Whisk eggs, milk, cinnamon, brown sugar, and vanilla together until smooth, and pour over bread.
Cover tightly with plastic wrap and put in fridge OVERNIGHT! (Yay for no work in the morning!)
Preheat oven to 350
Whisk topping ingredients together and cut in butter
Sprinkle over bread
Bake 45-55 minutes until brown and your house smells AHH-MAZING.

*You can freeze this recipe up to two months! To thaw, just put in fridge overnight!

Try it.
(You'll thank me in the morning!)

As for the kids, Burke was on the up by Monday morning, but sister... she was still running a high fever. She stayed home from MMO today, and is starting to seem like her self again. (Praise the Lord!) Mom life is super hard when you have a sick one! Glad we are on the end of it. Bring on healthy days!

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