Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Year, New Goals

New Year, New Goals, right?!

I, like many, always start strong with resolutions, some most... fall to the wayside (I mean, one year I set a goal of limiting my chocolate consumption... that lasted for ... maybe two days. Does anyone else want what you're told you're limiting yourself of... even MORE?!) and then some stick (Like blogging more, becoming a better steward of my time, studying the Word more often).

So, here (and way late) are my Goals for 2017...



As Burke starts the final semester of K4, I see the end of our sweet times at home quickly being numbered. I get super sad when I think about it! So starting the year, SIMPLIFY has been on my heart. Simplify, so I'm not pulled in so many directions. Simplify, so we are more content with being still, present, and together. There are only 24 hrs. in a day and I want God to show us our daily path... because I know it's NOT rushed, hurried, bombarded with a to-do list... I pray to simplify things so I can be a better me...for Christ, my family, and my friends.



Since becoming a mom, my quiet time has jumped from before sunrise to WAY beyond sunset and unfortunately, sometimes not at all, just because of the inconsistency of having two under the age of four. Sleep, sickness, mood... of not you, but also of two other humans... really leaves a narrow opening (that is pleasant) to stop, be still, and have quality time in The Word.

So, one of my resolutions is to work on my morning wake up time so I can consistently have my quiet time then. I had adopted this a little before the new year, and have tried in the past, but I think my kids are at a point now, that I can count on having a little morning quiet time more consistently if I make sure to plan ahead- i.e. lay kids clothes, pack all snacks, folders, etc. the night before. (I say consistently, because I've already failed twice this week. #I'mnotperfect, #workinprogress)



A more tangible goal!

I am generally an organized person. I like things neat, clean, and put in the right spot. Of course there are UGLY spots scattered amongst my house that are NOT organized (Don't open that kitchen junk drawer, PLEASE!) but for the most part, I'm orderly... EXCEPT my photos have overtaken me. 

You and I live in a digital age where photos are out of control, and I'm taking the camera by the neck strap and getting ahold of it this year! :)

If you ask my husband how I have been organizing my photos he would tell you it's the worst system ever. lol (I may or may not keep ALL of my SD camera cards and label them.)

Looking back, I agree. (WHY is he always right???)

It's expensive, starts to get overwhelming once you get to a certain point, and well...just not the best method.

This is where AMAZON PRIME PHOTOS comes in!!!! (Four exclamation marks isn't enough!)

I just found out about it recently and it has changed my life. I now feel like I can breathe and feel confident about my past photo saving burden!

If you are an avid Amazon Prime member like we are, it's a no brainer!
-It's unlimited storage space (except video... it's only 5GB, but you have an option to upgrade if you like. I won't be, because my blog catches most of the good ones. :)
- There is an app that links to your account. As soon as you take a picture on your phone, it is AUTOMATICALLY (let me say that again... AUTOMATICALLY) uploaded to their website. IN order of the time and date taken!
So once I finish uploading all the 836.978,037 billion photos that I have on my phone and these SD cards, I will no longer be in a photo landfill! YAY!

Here is their way of explaining it... 

About Prime Photos

Prime members get free unlimited photo storage and 5 GB of storage for videos and documents in Amazon Drive.
With an eligible Prime membership, you receive free Amazon Drive storage for all of your photos, as well as an additional 5 GB for personal video and document storage. Amazon Drive offers free mobile apps to upload and access your photos, plus secure access from any computer. 
For more information about Amazon Prime, go to About Amazon Prime
Prime Photos is available for:
  • Paid Amazon Prime members (Amazon Prime, Amazon Student, Amazon Fresh).
  • Prime 30-day trial members.
  • Adult members of an Amazon Household with shared Prime benefits.
Access to Prime Photos is not included if you were only invited to share shipping benefits with a Prime member.
If you cancel or do not renew your Prime membership, you will lose the unlimited photo storage benefit associated with the membership and your uploaded photos will count toward your Amazon Drive storage limit. To continue using Amazon Drive, you can upgrade to Unlimited Storage plan from your Manage Storage page. For more information about your Amazon Drive storage limits and what happens to your content if you exceed those limits, go to About Amazon Drive Storage Limits.
Prime Photos is for your personal, non-commercial use only. You may not use it in connection with a professional photography business or other commercial service. To learn more about Amazon Drive’s terms and conditions, go to Amazon Cloud Drive Terms of Use.
For more information about the Unlimited Storage plan, go to Manage Your Amazon Drive Storage Plan.

You can share pictures with family in the "family vault," search among your photos to find a specific picture without scrolling through them all by typing specific things about a picture. (For example... if I'm looking for the picture of Hylan Marie blowing out her candles, I would type "cake" in the search box and all pictures with cake in them appear!) Crazy!... but awesome.

The only downfall I have seen is that it takes a long time to download pictures. It might not be so bad if I didn't have a ton to do, but you would think it would be a quicker process. So I have told myself I will be downloading one SD card a day until my project is complete. :)

What are your New Year Resolutions???

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