Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hylan Marie's Birthday Tea

First off... a little photo dump of her ACTUAL birthday.

Although sister's birthday is usually a cold January day, I do think she will like always being out of school to celebrate. :) And we did just that since Burke didn't have to report anywhere!

I do love making their birthday morning extra special.
(You would have thought streamers and balloons were equivalent to Disney World.haha)

I made sure to watch the clock closely this year to ring in the EXACT minute she came into the world, two beautiful years ago. We celebrated!

Sister of course got to eat her pancakes with sprinkles and candles on a cake pedestal in momma's lap. (Her favorite place. ;)

They found some party decor I was prepping for the weekend. :)

LOVE it!

I can remember when she was this tiny human, that barely fit in your arms!

While she is still a little thing, she is growing healthy and happy and I'm so thankful.

We went to Let's Play and Chick-fila later that morning with friends! 

Despite her size... she is quite fearless and tough. :)

Fast forward to Sunday... we threw the sweetest tea party for little miss. I can't help that I LOVE crafting for birthday parties... and girly ones make my heart skip a beat.

I made the invites, tea pot picture, signage, and mustache photo props with my silhouette! It's starting to pay for itself. :)

We rented our local coffee shop, Heavenly Grounds (they are closed on Sunday's) and I started setting up right after church. It was so easy to decorate... it already had the right vibe!)

I used paper dollies (that you can find at the dollar store) as my table runner, mason jars, fake flowers (because... JANUARY), tea cups I found at our local thrift store for .50 each, and these plates . They were a perfect find... three different floral patterns of gorgeousness! They had a sheen that made them look so real!

Dress-up station!

Before all the guests arrived, she had a little moment with the set up... and it was precious!

Then everyone started to arrive!

Hudson, sister and Bitty could of had tea for hours. :)

We sang to the birthday girl... and she had her game face on for sure! ha!

Having a birthday in January means she will probably always have family birthday parties, unless I get brave... or we build a bigger house. :) Mary Grace and Jane Paschel are two of the little ladies she loves to be around... and what would a tea party be without a few girls and sweet friends!

She got the most thoughtful gifts. Seriously things that she will cherish forever!

Stacy and William got her a name engraved puzzle. Burke is hoping this will help keep her away from his. :)

NaNa hand painted her a piggy bank! She gave Burke one on his first birthday and he LOVES it. So sister is now SO excited to be able to have her own, that means so much!

Nanna HAND QUILTED people... a quilt for her bitty baby! It's gorgeous, and she loves wrapping her "doll-doll" in it. 

Mom and Dad also got her THIS anywhere chair... which is so pretty! I LOVE the little ballerina's tutu!

(Excuse the odd photos... this was at the end of the night, when it was realized that sister had a poo diaper... hahaha)


Ree and PaPa added two pearls to her add-a-pearl neckless. So special!

Sweet girl had SO MUCH FUN!

and so did we. :)


The boys had a ball at the dress up station... I think more than the girls did! :)

I went light on the food this time... seeing as it was 3-5. We had chips and dip, cookies (made by Joy... so delicious!), cupcakes, pink goldfish, a cheese ball, and we had a barista on staff to make teas or coffees for everyone!

 I think she had a ball, and so did the rest of us, as we celebrated 2 years of this sweet little girls life. 

We are so blessed by her.
Milestone and stats coming after her well visit!

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