Monday, January 9, 2017

What the best weekends are made of... Weekend Recap

Before I get to our weekend, I have to share that your prayers were heard and felt. God is already doing AMAZING things in the life of our dear friend, Heather. Thank you for lifting her up this past week. Please continue to do so. She surely covets your heart felt prayers today and in the days ahead.

This weekend, was a mix of lazy, crazy, and fun. Long story short... it was perfection. 

Friday, ended up being a "snow day" (I use parentheses only because we did not get any snow). What can I say... here in the south "COLD" is sometimes a State of Emergency.

We used it to our advantage! Daddy hunted, we played games, we prayed (oh, we prayed!) for our friend Heather as she underwent some procedures, and we ended the night with two red box movies on mommy and daddy's bed, a heating pad, and lots of cuddles. 

Burke woke with anticipation of lots of snow to be on the ground...  and it would be sister's first snow.

Well...I refuse to let this count. lol

It was sleet that was frozen to the ground. haha 
Burke was so disappointed!
Until we discovered how fun the trampoline can be when iced over!

Of course, we spent more time getting ready to go outside (in the frozen sleet... brrr) than actually being outside... but that's what us southerner's do right? Get dressed up. Take a picture. Throw a snow sleet-ball and head to the house. #canitbesummeralready

Why be miserable, when new games are delivered to your house?! (We love our friends!A big thank you so the Ernest Fam!)
Don't ask me why we have never owned Hungry Hippo (because we basically own every other children's game in the universe), but we haven't. Sister LOVES it... and somehow Daddy has killer Hungry Hippo skillz. (WHY is he good at Hungry Hippo????)

See evidence below.

Later that evening Ree and PaPa gave us tickets to the Auburn basketball game against Ole Miss!

Ryan and Burke had been working on her before the big day...

They have the best seats and sitting scholarship section is no joke. (My favorite part may or may not be the food. lol)

A little cheer from our littlest Auburn Tiger.
Girl loves a good beat! :)

Sunday, we went to church, where Burke was a greeter (I really want a picture of that sweet moment... if sister and I can ever get ready early enough!) and then I headed out to get ready for Hylan Marie's Second Birthday Tea Party!

It was so much fun, and turned out perfectly. 
I will definitely post details later this week!

Such a wonderful weekend!

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