Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekend Recap- get the party started

So... it began! Party season is in full swing, and we started off the weekend with the friends annual Christmas at Summer's house... where you can read about here! 
What I didn't post was this sweet picture of Mary Grace brushing Hylan Marie's hair (after she had given her a bath AND put on her diaper... I'm training her well. #andiwillbenefitinafewyears LOL)

Saturday was spent at Pap Pap's family reunion. We ate a ton, and reminisced with some sweet folks!

Of course, lots of cousin time was had!

(Can you believe this sweet boy will be three tomorrow?!)

That afternoon we had our Christmas parade! It would be my favorite parade we participate in... except one problem... IT'S COLD.

I hate cold.

However, we warmed right up with the calf-raises song... haha

and pretended we were in the Caribbean. ;)

These girls are the greatest!

I even spotted our very own "Voice of Sylacauga"... (My amazing and talented friend, Summer.) :)

And since I was walking with my girls, I'm so glad my good friend, Laura Beth, captured this picture of some of our crew! 

Sunday morning came EARLY. Ryan and the kids soaked up a little Mary Poppins before church. 

Afterwards, I headed to Birmingham with this crew. We stopped at Johnny Rockets for lunch. 
They were totally amazed by the jukeboxes at the tables... I wished they worked!

My mom met us, to take Burke for the night (where he had SO much fun...) for just some PawPaw and Nanna Burke time. I think he misses the only child phase often. lol

Meanwhile... sister and I shopped till we dropped.
LOTS of things were checked off "the list"... thank goodness!

Now... onto some more Christmas parties and sweet times this Christmas season! We have something EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT... until the 23rd of December! When I realized this this morning... I may have broke out in hives. lol

Let's do this.

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