Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Photos 2016

It has been one of the busiest weeks we've had in awhile... the kind you have to review over and over in your planner making sure you don't miss anything, anyone, or going anywhere! (Hence the lack of blogging) Maybe there will be time in between events this weekend to recap the week... maybe. :)

About a month ago I booked us a last minute spot with Blue Arrow Photography. Somehow Cody and her ADORABLE set popped up on my newsfeed on Facebook... and I knew I had to get our Christmas pictures taken with her!

It's super hard getting to know someones kids and their personalities in 15 minutes... but some sweet pictures were had! Here are my favorites!

^^^ My absolute fav!

Or maybe this one? It's a tie.

The camera loves this little guy.... swoon.

However, sister was not feeling it. She gave these weird uncertain half smiles the whole time. lol

It's like her mouth wanted to cooperate, but her eyes and mind did not. HA!

I already have the family shot up in our house! Love!
(Christmas home tour coming soon!)

She obviously was NOT a fan of Santa... however, she has improved tremendously in this department since these pictures! She has WILLINGLY sat in "ho ho's" lap. :) 

But the picture below is fantastic, and a toddlers life is not complete without it. 

Burke always called Santa "See-ta"... but HM's vocabulary kind of blows Burke out of the water (I hear girls do that earlier) and she definitely refers to him as "Ho Ho"... which I think is related to the sound we make when we talk about him AND the songs we sing that say "ho, ho, ho!" 

She was so HATING this. You can't tell, right?

Christmas cards were easy to throw together with these to choose from! Thanks Blue Arrow Photography! (Find them on Facebook and tell Cody I sent you!)

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